Defend Yourself: 4 Skills You Learn in a Self-Defense Class

It is quite typical for people to be lulled into a sense of constant safety and security but the reality is things can go wrong fast and you could find yourself being the victim of a serious and violent offence.

While such a situation can be terrifying, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and come out on top after an attack. This definitely includes taking a variety of martial arts classes, fighting lessons, and self-defense class. There are many reasons why taking a class should be considered and ways that it will assist you in protecting yourself and feeling safer in whatever you do.

1. Safety

Taking a self-defense class will first and foremost allow you to increase your chances of successfully defending yourself if someone attempts to victimize you. In a class you will learn how to use the time and space you are given to defend yourself, ensuring that you are not harmed in the incident.

Methods to disable your attacker are also taught and participants are given the opportunity to practice them to perfection. Many different scenarios are presented so participants are well-prepared for anything that comes at them. Material taught in the class can then be carried over to real-life-situations, allowing you to put up a solid defense and escape a dangerous situation.

2. Self-confidence

Granted, following your participation in a self-defense class, you will not go looking for trouble to test out your new-found skills, but you will definitely be well-prepared if trouble finds you. Sadly, in many parts of the world people are not safe to go where they want and do what they wish and this is especially true of women and the elderly.

Taking a self-defense class will increase your self-confidence as you will be equipped with a set of skills that will allow you to defend yourself if someone tries to victimize you. Most people who participate in a class report afterwards that they are exponentially more confident in their ability to defend themselves than before, allowing them to live their lives unrestricted and without fear.

3. Exercise

Not only will you learn to defend yourself from someone looking to harm you, a self-defense class will also allow you to get a great physical workout. At the beginning of the class you will endure a brief cardio workout to stretch your muscles and get your adrenaline flowing.

After this, you will get to practice a variety of techniques to best prepare you for real-life, dangerous situations. These techniques consist of punches, kicks, and twists that will improve your flexibility and strength. Your actions in the class will work many different parts of your body including your arms, legs, core, and back. Being prepared for an attack means being in acceptable physical shape and having sufficient reflexes to fend off an attacker. A self-defense class will allow you an opportunity to improve in these areas.

4. Increased awareness

Attacks do not happen in a specific area, to specific people, at a specific time of day. Therefore, you need to be prepared because although it is common for you to think that it could never happen to you, anyone can become a victim. A self-defense class will encourage you to become more self-aware of your surroundings, being mindful of the area that you are in and people present at all times. Attackers are often experienced in concealing themselves and striking quick and without warning.

Taking a self-defense class will give you the opportunity to heighten your instincts and be mindful of the atmosphere that you are in. Keeping your guard up is key in not falling victim to an attacker and this is a key component that the class will teach you.

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