12 Current Makeup Trends for the Creative Woman

Spring is the perfect season to try out the latest makeup trends! If you like to have fun and experiment with different styles, the current makeup trends will not disappoint you. From bright zesty colours to dark daunting shades, there are many fashionable trends that will satisfy the makeup enthusiast. Even if you’re not feeling quite ready for a bold new look, you should be able to find some inspiration in some of these colourful and sparkly trends.

Since makeup trends are constantly evolving, you need to keep yourself updated about the latest styles on a regular basis. For those of you who are serious about your makeup, the best way to catch up on recent trends is to learn from a professional. You can enroll in certified makeup schools, where you get to discover and learn about each makeup trend in comprehensive depth.

If you are ready to get creative with your cosmetics, check out these twelve current makeup trends that will enhance your most beautiful features:

Trend #1: Pink blush

Many of the current makeup trends feature bright colours and some glitter, but it’s also possible to opt for a more subtle look by simply applying a soft pink blush on your cheeks, on your eyelids and on your lips.

For a fresh, natural, sun-kissed look, you can also choose your favourite brand of lightweight skin tint among the new products that will be available this year.

Trend #2: Clear face gloss

Have you ever heard of face gloss? This lightweight gel will instantly give you healthy-looking and youthful-looking skin with a dewy, glassy complexion.

You can apply clear face gloss all over your face, including on your eyelids and on your lips. It’s also possible to purchase face gloss with a light tint.

Trend #3: Eye embellishments

Rhinestones have made an appearance on the eyelids of many runway models lately, and you should use them to decorate your eyes as well.

Stick-on gemstones, bright stickers, and metal confettis can all be used to embellish your eyes. You can keep your eye makeup neutral, and complete your look with just a few sparkly embellishments.

Trend #4: Pastel eye shadow

Spring always comes with soft pastel shades, and you can now experiment with pastel eye shadow. Pastel blue, peach, lilac, lemon, and mint will be applied on many eyelids in the upcoming months.

Get your hands on a pastel eye shadow palette as soon as you can, and make different tests to see which colour is the best one for your style.

Trend #5: Ombre eyeshadow

You know all about ombre hair, and now is the time to try out ombre eyeshadow. You can even achieve this look with pastel shades to be following two gorgeous trends at a time.

Simply choose three colours that work well together, use one for the inner corners of your eyes, one for the center of your eyelids, and one for the outer corners.

Trend #6: Glitter smokey eyes

If you love your smokey eyes, you might want to try glitter smokey eyes at least once.

Instead of black eye shadow, you can use a shimmery, dark silver eye shadow. Your eyes will still look dark and mysterious, but with a dash of glitter that will make you feel like a glamourous star.

Trend #7: Sparkly eyes

Another way to make your eyes sparkle is to follow the new sparkly eyes trend. Simply rim your eyes with a black liner, and add a dash of silver glitter underneath them.

If you often have to deal with dark circles under your eyes, covering them with dark glitter will probably feel like a lot more fun than trying to conceal them or to make them disappear.

Trend #8: Neon cat eyes

For those of us who love cat eyes, the new trend is to use neon colours instead of a black liquid liner. Neon cat eyes look particularly stunning on women who have dark skin.

Draw your cat eyes like you normally do, but use a bright green, pink, or orange eyeliner instead of a black one.

Trend #9: White eyeliner

If you don’t like neon colours, pastel colours, or glitters, you can still do something original and turn heads with white eyeliner.

This is another makeup trend that will look even more wonderful on you if you have dark skin. Simply use a creamy white eye pencil, and rim your beautiful eyes.

Trend #10: Free floating eyeliner

This trend breaks all the rules: instead of using eyeliner on your lash line, you can use it to draw either directly on your eyelids, or on top of your eye shadow.

It’s time to let your creativity guide you: you can draw angel wings, clouds, or any shape or line you want for a fun, unexpected look.

Trend #11: Matte red lipstick

Red lips will certainly always be in fashion, but the current makeup trend is to cover your lips with matte red lipstick.

Keep in mind that if you have dry and cracked lips, matte lipstick will accentuate those flaws instead of concealing them. To solve this problem, use a moisturizing lip scrub before applying your lipstick.

Trend #12: Goth lipstick

Goth lipstick which is black, or a dark shade of violet or red, is also trending this spring.

Unless you want to go for a full goth look, pair this dark lipstick with light, neutral clothes and eye shadow to let your lips make a bold statement.

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