How to Make Your Lashes Look Longer

Nothing complements a beautiful makeup look like thick, long lashes. From sweet and flirty to mysterious and sexy, lashes can completely change your look. If you have naturally long, voluminous lashes, you’re one of the lucky ones!

For those of us not blessed with naturally luscious lashes, there are some easy tricks you can use to make them look longer and fuller. Check out our recommendations for how to get the lash look you’ve been dreaming about. Here is a guide on how to make your lashes look longer:

1. Lash Lift

Of course, the number one spot on this list had to go to lash lifts! Consider getting a lift if you’re looking for a low-maintenance alternative to extensions. A lash lift kit is much less time-consuming than lash extensions and give you a more subtle and natural look.

A lash lift is a perm for your eyelashes and gives them a semi-permanent curl that lasts a few weeks. You can decide the intensity of the curl depending on how natural or dramatic you want your lashes to look. Even without mascara, your lashes will maintain their curl. Many lash technicians who offer lash lifts will also offer lash tinting. These two services combined will give you the long, dark, curved lashes you’ve wished for!

2. Curl Lashes

If you’re trying to make your lashes look longer, don’t discount the power of an eyelash curler. Curling your lashes can make them appear longer by applying a slight upward bend. This has the bonus of opening your eyes and making them look bigger. Curling your lashes will also make it easier to apply mascara, so don’t forget to include this step in your makeup routine.

To curl your lashes, ensure they’re clean and free of makeup or skincare products. Place the lash curler at the base of your lashes, careful not to pinch any skin. Clamp down on the lash curler once it’s in the right position. Release and clamp down gently a few times. To get more length, you can move the curler further up the shaft of your lashes and repeat the steps. Try a heated eyelash curler to get an even more dramatic curl.

3. Tightline Your Water and Lash Lines

If your lash line has some sparse areas, tightening could do the trick to give you fuller-looking lashes. While it won’t make your lashes look longer, this is an important step to making them look fuller and improving their overall look. Take a black eyeliner pencil and line your upper water line or the pink part of your eyelid underneath your lashes. You can use a liquid liner along your lash line to help further conceal any sparseness in your lashes.

4. False Lashes

While applying false eyelashes can be a pain, it can also give you the long, voluminous lashes you dream of! They’re cheaper than lash extensions and don’t damage your natural lashes. If you want an enhanced natural look, go with individual lashes.

You can apply these to sparse areas on your lash line or outer corners for a subtle cat-eye look. There are many strip lash options if you want more dramatic and obvious lashes. There are different shapes and volume levels, so you can choose the lashes that best suit your style.

5. Consider Your Mascara

Applying mascara is an important step to achieving the look of long lashes. Remember that not all mascaras are designed to do the same thing. Some mascaras are made to volumize, while others focus on minimizing clumps. If you’re looking for length, choose a mascara specifically formulated to elongate the lashes.

Next, keep in mind that mascara works best when it’s warm. Heat the mascara in a cup of warm water or hold the tube in your palm for a minute. The heat will allow the mascara to apply to your lashes more easily. Curled lashes, as previously mentioned, give you a better shape, so make sure you curl your lashes before makeup application.

Finally, when applying mascara, coat the lashes from bottom to top. Wiggle the mascara wand as you apply, ensuring each lash will be coated. You can apply a second or third coat to increase volume, but more than this will lead to clumping and flaking.

6. Condition Your Lashes

Of course, keeping your lashes nourished and hydrated is an important step to keeping them healthy and encouraging growth in the long run. For an easy DIY conditioner, you can use things easily found at home, like castor oil or coconut oil. You can also purchase products specifically engineered for lash growth. To maximize a lash moisturizer’s effectiveness, they should be applied at night after you’ve washed your face.

Make sure your lashes are fully clean, and carefully apply a thick layer of the conditioner of your choice. While you won’t see results overnight, conditioning your lashes will encourage growth and keep them looking and feeling healthy.

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