A New Coat of Colour: 5 Painting Tips to Decorate Your Old Sheet Metal

For years, your home has pretty much looked the same since the day you moved in. You have wanted to change the complexion and update the makeup of your humble abode, but everything seems dull and dry – and everyone else is doing similar designs.

So, what’s the solution to your conundrum? Perhaps it’s time to think outside the box.

Decorative sheet metal is the interior design industry’s hidden secret. That’s right. Sheet metal is quickly becoming a decorative piece that can enhance a bathroom, living room or hallway.

With a little of elbow grease, a nice restoration and some paint, and that broken down sheet metal that sits in your garage can be utilized as a sublime decoration. The next time you have guests over, they will be wowed by the creativity and ingenuity of your decorative skills.

Here are five painting tips to decorate your old sheet metal:

1. Clean the Sheet Metal Right Away

Once you have the sheet metal in your grasp – and be sure to do it outside – you need to thoroughly clean the material. Wash it with a damp rag, clean it with some soap and dry it with a clean cloth – and repeat a few more times.

2. Prepare the Sheet Metal for the Paint

After you have finished cleaning the sheet metal, the next step is to prepare it for the paint.

First, you must create a rough surface on the sheet metal. Second, you need to texturize the sheet metal to ensure it is smooth. Third, you may need to drill the metal to remove rust spots.

As soon as all of this is done, then you need to clean the sheet metal once more.

3. Don’t Forget to Prime the Sheet Metal

The next step in this process is to simply prime the sheet metal using a rust-resistant latex primer or an oil-based primer. This is often referred to as an undercoat, which then permits the paint of your choice to stick to the surface.

All you need is a brush or a spray, the primer and then to apply two thin coats of the primer – the first coat should dry completely before you start applying the second coat.

4. Apply Your Favourite Coat of Paint

The hard part is finished. Now comes the fun part: applying your favourite coat of paint.

Grab your bucket of paint, pick up your brush and then start painting the sheet metal.

That is all you need to do.

5. Why Not be Unique and Artistic?

Here is a question: why don’t you be unique and artistic with your decorative sheet metal? A simple search on Google or Pinterest will yield hundreds of different designs that homeowners made with their sheet metal.

One person made a world atlas with their sheet metal, while another individual produced a rustic-style barn door armoire. Everything from a table top to artwork, there is so much you can do with your old sheet metal or the sheet metal you purchased from the local hardware store.

Decorative sheet metal gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Do your neighbours’ interior designs seem stoic and generic? Do you wish you could spruce up your own home with some flavour? It may not be the only solution, but decorative sheet metal can definitely complement everything you have wanted to do for the last several years. What makes decorative sheet metal even better is that it is affordable. You don’t need to spend a lavish sum of money on interior design pieces when you have sheet metal.

Some elbow grease, some research and some paint. And you have something unique.

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