6 Easy Hair Care Tips for Women

The shine, length, thickness and general appearance of your hair depends a lot on how you treat your mane. It is important to keep in mind that the state of your hair says volumes about the state of your scalp health. If you are looking to get a luxurious and appealing mane, there are certain easy hair care tips that you can implement from the comfort of your home. Read on to understand what you can do to get glowing hair.

1. Consume the Right Diet

As mentioned earlier, the state of your hair is a reflection of your scalp health and by extension, your overall body health. Remember that the growth of hair is facilitated by the nutrients in the food that you consume. For quality hair, you should consume food that is rich in nutrients that help in hair growth. Some of the foods that you should consume include:

• Proteins – Proteins are essential for healthy hair growth. To ensure that you provide your scalp with the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth, you should consume foods such as eggs, poultry, beef, ghee, unprocessed cheese and yogurt.

• Vitamins – Vitamins also help in ensuring that the scalp provides your hair follicles with the right nutrients. As such, ensure that you consume a lot of fruits and fresh vegetables.

If you are a vegetarian, you can ensure that your hair receive the right amount of protein nutrients by consuming walnuts, avocado and flax seeds.

You should also ensure that you eat foods that are rich in zinc, iron and magnesium to ensure that your scalp receives the best nutrient combination for enhanced and healthy hair growth.

2. Ensure That You Stay Hydrated

For the nutrients in your body to reach the hair follicles, you should ensure that you stay hydrated by drinking the recommended daily amount of water and copious amounts of coconut water.

3. Exercise a Lot

Exercises usually help in ensuring that blood circulates thoroughly in the body. By exercising, you will ensure that blood with the requisite nutrients flows to your scalp hence providing your hair follicles with the nutrients they need. Exercising can help you maintain a luxurious and shiny mane of hair.

4. Use the Right Hair Brush

Most people tend to break their hair and worsen the texture of their mane by using the wrong type of hair brush. To avoid breaking hair while at the same time stimulating blood flow in the scalp, you should use a hair brush that combs through your hair gently.

5. Avoid Sleeping with Wet Hair

Ideally, you should wash your hair during the day so that it can dry naturally. However, if you wash your hair at night, give it some time to dry naturally or blow dry it gently before sleeping. Remember that hair is at its weakest when wet. If you sleep with wet hair, you are increasing the chances of hair strands breaking and frizzing.

6. See a Professional Hair Stylist Occasionally

It is good that you visit a skilled hair stylist once in a while to get your hair styled professionally. A hair stylist will be able to identify any issues with your hair and offer useful and practical advice on how you can take better care based on the current condition of your mane.

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