Appearances Matter: 5 Ways Your Office Can Make a Good First Impression

Over flowing trash bins, un kept desks, and grimy floors are not something a client wants to see from a business. Keeping an untidy office gives the impression that you do not care about your business, and it may even drive them away.

That’s why, it is imperative to hire janitorial services to do the work for you. Dirt is not only an embarrassing issue, but it can lead to greater health and safety concerns. Below is a simple list that highlights the very noticeable areas of your business, that should be tended to by cleaners. That way, the next time you have an important client meeting, they are not left with a bad first impression.

1. Trash

Taking out the trash may seem like an obvious chore to do daily, but it is often forgotten. Overflowing trash cans are a signal to clients that the office is not kept tidy and can leave the impression that you, or your staff, do not care. Ignoring this issue can also lead to a variety of other health and safety concerns. Trash, and food buildup is an inviting treat for rodents and bugs. Leaving this buildup for days or weeks at a time can invite these critters into your office.

From rats to mice and cockroaches, it will only be matter of time before your calling in an exterminator to handle the issue. So, avoid this from happening by emptying all trash, recycling and compost bins daily.

2. Floors

The floors are a vital part in maintaining a business’ appearance. Additionally, unclean floors can be a huge safety concern. Maintaining floors are especially important in colder climates. That’s because there may be a buildup of water, ice and snow that’s trekked through. Not only will this be unsightly, but a puddle of water is a safety hazard. If a member of staff, or client was to slip and fall, your company would be liable.

If you have carpet and it is not properly vacuumed a buildup of dust and allergens can spread through the air. Not only will it make breathing uncomfortable for staff, but you can cause an allergic reaction, or negative side effects to an individual’s health.

3. Windows

Ensuring your windows are clean, and free from dust and grime is a quick and simply way to appear more presentable. This is especially true, if you have a storefront. Nothing will drive customers away, and keep them waking, then a dirty front. To fix this, be sure to have the windows wiped down, and the doorknobs sanitized, to prevent a negative impression on foot traffic.

4. Staff Room

An important part in keeping your staff happy is to have a clean, and inviting area that they can relax in during their breaks. This means, heading through the staff fridge, and throwing out any items that have been sitting in there for long. Be sure the counters, microwave, or any other appliance that is used often is wiped down and sanitized.

5. Desks

Having clients walk into your business, or office where stacks of paper are piled high, gives off the appearance of an unorganized business. An easy solution to this problem, is to either get more storage, such as filing cabinets or drawers. Or, turn digital by scanning and saving these paper files to hard drives. This will ensure your documents are safe, and your office is free from clutter and presentable.

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