6 Old Celebrities Aging Gracefully (and Their Beauty Secrets!)

The act of aging is often seen as a bad thing in the world of today. This is unfortunate because simply getting older is not the end of the world for many people. In fact, there are many fantastic examples of people aging like fine wine. Those people may even be excelling in their older age and they are simply thriving in their retirement.

Naturally, the best place to look for examples of this would be in the realm of Hollywood, where old celebrities are directly in the spotlight even as they age. In the list below, we will be celebrating six stars of the big screen who are aging with pride. Here are six old celebrities who are aging gracefully:

1. Tom Hanks

The star known for many iconic roles in films such as Forrest Gump and Saving Private Ryan is still working hard today. At the age of 63, his is still the friendly, lovable character that many of us grew up watching. His reputation as one of the nicest men in Hollywood has helped him obtain a legendary status that draws many people into theaters to see his acting chops put to good work.

In the summer of 2019, he even reprised the beloved character of Woody one more time in the Pixar film Toy Story 4. Hanks is one of those old celebrities who can still take on the more energetic and youthful roles that he made iconic.


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2. Michael Douglas

At the age of 74, Michael Douglas is wearing his age with pride. This is made far more impressive due to the fact that Douglas has been dealing with several intense life issues, yet still finding time to hone his acting skills for the better. Seeing as the actor was fantastic in his youth and is only getting better with time solidifies him as a true Hollywood great.

The actor has found recent success on Netflix’s new show, The Kominsky Method, as well as taking on a more action-oriented role in Marvel’s Ant-Man.


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3. Oprah Winfrey

You would be taxed to find a more successful person in the world of entertainment than Oprah Winfrey, who might be one of the most famous old celebrities ever. Star of The Color Purple and former host of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah has moved on from being a mere actress and host to taking on the roles of philanthropist and business leader, as well as a successful author.

At the age of 65, Oprah has seemingly done it all, but continues to add to her impressive resume. Recently she was featured in a voice role in the hit streaming series The Handmaid’s Tale, as well as a large role in 2018’s A Wrinkle in Time.


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4. Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren is an actress who apparently just does not stop to rest, despite having reached the age of 73. The award-winning actress has been acting since the 1960’s and is still finding new acting challenges to this day.

Her filmography include such films as 1984’s Cal, as well as 2010 of the same year, the action-comedy Red, and an award nominated role in The Madness of King George. More recently, the actress can be found in several entries of the high-octane action franchise The Fast and the Furious.


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5. James Earl Jones

Born in 1931, this legendary actor has reached the age of 88 and left quite the mark on the world with his iconic voice and acting style. By simply reading his lines with the emotion of a masterful actor, Jones has more than likely been a part of many people’s childhoods in the world today.

The actor has a great film resume, but his two most iconic roles would naturally go to the voice of the fearsome Darth Vader in Star Wars, and the loving and wise Mufasa in The Lion King. The interesting thing about these two roles is that James Earl Jones has actually reprized both very recently. Darth Vader had a very popular appearance in 2016’s Rogue One, and Jones has reclaimed the role of Mufasa in 2019’s CGI remake of The Lion King. Jones is clearly not letting age get in his way.


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6. Robert De Niro

In his 75 years on Earth, Robert De Niro has successfully made a name for himself in the acting world. Owner of many iconic roles in films such as Goodfellas, Taxi Driver, and of course The Godfather Part II, De Niro has made something of a tenure as a great actor for himself in his younger years. This has allowed him to pursue more lenient roles in his older age in films such as Dirty Grandpa and The Intern.

The fact is that Robert De Niro is still capitalizing on his acting abilities this late into the game and seeing quite a bit of success in doing so.


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