11 Flowers That Mean Healing and Recovery

Did you know that flowers can represent and symbolize different things?

Of course, it’s perfectly fine to love a flower because you think it’s beautiful or to send a pretty bouquet to your partner simply because you like its vibrant colours. But knowing what different flowers mean will strengthen your love for your favourite one and help you get a more meaningful gift delivered to a loved one.

Is someone you love in the hospital, recovering from an illness or surgery? A flower delivery Montreal will send your best wishes gracefully. But do you know what flowers to give your recipients? Flowers that mean healing will be perfect choices if you want to send them a bouquet to brighten up their days.

Here are eleven flowers that mean healing and recovery:

Flower #1: Daisies

Daisies are bright and cheerful flowers that symbolize purity, innocence, positivity, and vitality. Whether their petals are white, yellow, pink, or red, sending daisies to a sick loved one is a perfect way to send them a “get well soon” message.

Daisies can be included in a bouquet containing different flowers that mean healing.

Flower #2: Orchids

Orchids, in general, are elegant flowers that symbolize beauty, love, fertility, and thoughtfulness. Green orchids, in particular, bring good fortune, good health, and longevity.

In traditional Chinese medicine, orchids are used as a remedy to treat eye diseases, kidney deficiencies, lung diseases, and coughs, which contributes to their symbolism as flowers that mean healing.

Flower #3: Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley flowers symbolizes purity, good luck, and sweetness. It can also symbolize different things for different cultures: for Christians, it represents humility and rebirth. In the Victorian era, it meant a return to happiness.

On top of that, those charming white, pink or purple little flowers produce a pleasant fragrance, which makes them a great addition to any “get well soon” bouquet.

Flower #4: Camellia

Camellias are stunning white, pink or white flowers that can be given to express love and affection. These flowers symbolize longevity, good health and happiness, and you can be sure they will cheer up any hospital room.

In Chinese medicine, Camellia flowers treat asthma, heart disease, and bacterial infections. They pretty much emit no fragrance, which makes them ideal for people who have allergies.

Flower #5: Malva

Malva flowers symbolize healing, protection, and love. They also symbolize resilience for their ability to grow in difficult conditions.

This flower has been used in herbal medicine in many cultures and is thought to help treat toothaches, headaches, insomnia, and asthma. The leaves and blooms of Malva plants are edible, although you shouldn’t tell your loved one to try to eat the beautiful bouquet you send them.

Flower #6: Valerian

Valerian is a symbol of health, strength, and readiness. It also has calming properties, and, like other flowers on this list, it has long been used in herbal medicine.

The word valerian comes from the Latin “valere,” which can be translated as “to be strong” or “to be healthy.” What a beautiful message to include in a bouquet!

Flower #7: Yarrow

Yarrow flowers mean healing, protection, love, success and good fortune. Yarrow was originally white or yellow but is now available in other colours, such as pink, magenta, and red.

Some also use these flowers as a medicinal herb. They can be steeped in hot water to promote the health of the urinary system, but they can also be applied to wounds to help them heal.

Flower #8: Sage

The word sage comes from the Latin “salvere,” which means “heal” or “to feel well and healthy.” Sage flowers symbolize good health but also longevity, thoughtfulness, and wisdom.

Sage has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making it a useful plant in herbal medicine.

Flower #9: Verbena

Verbena symbolizes healing, protection, and happiness while representing romance and loving memories. It could be a great addition to a bouquet sent to a romantic partner.

This flower has long been used to prepare a herbal tonic in traditional medicine. Some see it as a remedy for kidney stones, insomnia, menstrual problems, cramps, and anxiety, among other ailments.

Flower #10: Magnolia

Magnolias have been around for 100 million years, so they should symbolize longevity, endurance, and perseverance. They can be perfect for sending love and support to someone you care about.

The flowers and bark of magnolia trees are used in traditional Chinese medicine to treat headaches, toothaches, muscle cramps, and lung problems, among other issues.

Flower #11: Azalea

Azaleas can be white, pink, purple, red, orange, or yellow. They are a symbol of health and good fortune but also of wealth and abundance.

These gorgeous flowers can be considered a beautiful way to tell someone to take good care of themselves, which makes them a perfect gift for a dear friend who has been feeling unwell.

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