7 Best Colors That Make a Room Look Bigger

Are you at the beginning of a renovation project? Or do you want to make a small room appear bigger? Well, you can try a whole lot of interior decorating tips and tricks, but one of the most worthwhile tactics is a bucket of paint and a paintbrush. Indeed, changing the colour of your walls can be the first step to turning any small space into a large one. Not everyone possesses an eye for interior décor and all its facets, so we have compiled a list of colours for you to consider as you renovate, redecorate, or revamp.

Every home needs a fresh coat of paint once in a while. You cannot depend on the orange or blood-red from a decade or two ago. Of course, you might want to revamp your humble abode and make it more appealing, open, and comfortable, which requires an entirely new coat of paint. Consult with your painters Etobicoke on what your best choices are.

From off-whites to shadow colours, there are plenty of options available to you to ensure you do not feel cramped. Here are seven colors that make a room look bigger:

Color #1: Beige

Is it wrong to embrace neutral? It depends on whom you ask, but one of the most neutral colours around is beige. It never goes out of style, it is easy to maintain, and it is easy to tailor your home to one of the most universally beloved colours. When you do not necessarily want a basic white, the beige is adaptable to everything.

Color #2: Pearl Gray

Gray is another color that make a room look bigger. Gray can be one of the loveliest shades to have your home. It is truly remarkable how all types of grays can transform your household into one that looks like out of those interior design magazines.

That said, the best type of gray is the pearl gray, as it can allow your walls to adapt to the shadows and times of the day. One moment, your small living space seems huge. The next moment, your tiny room appears cosy.

Color #3: Super White

Can you ever go wrong with white? Well, yes, you can, but it depends on the type of white. In your situation, the best kind of white is super white. This shade reflects light and presents the idea that the walls are receding.

Ultimately, super white can make any room appear a lot larger than they seem. When you add some blues and greens to the mix, your room seems not only pure but also vast.

Color #4: Blush

Let’s be honest: Pink is not the most appealing colour known to man. At the same, there are shades of pink that can be elegant and comfortable. Consider a super soft shade of pink that can provide warmth to your small space. Some say that it can be hard to complement this shade of pink, but the solution might be to add some grays and blacks.

Color #5: Sky Blue

When you look up at the sky, you see a limitless environment. Well, why not utilise a sky blue colour for your living space? Many industry professionals say that a sky blue does not work in every space, and the ideal part of your humble abode is the bedroom. Therefore, by painting a sky blue in your bedroom, even if the master bedroom is a bit small, it can make it feel more expansive.

Color #6: Teal

Did you know that if you paint a small room dark that it can conceal the fact that it is dark? This might be surprising to a lot of people, but many experts note how much shadow colours, such as teal, can offer the illusion of depth in a tiny space.

Color #7: Purple

It may be counterintuitive when you are trying to design a small space, but some interior design experts say that wild, loud, and a tad darker colours may be a good option in these locations of your home. While it might not be a bright idea for an entire living room, purple can work out well in a front entrance or the upstairs hallway.

Here are four other tips to make your small living space seem larger:

  • Strategically hang mirrors on the wall to allow more light.
  • Allow as much natural light in your as possible. If you cannot, then you can be creative with lighting fixtures in specific parts of your living quarters.
  • Declutter! This cannot be stated enough. It would help if you got rid of things you do not need and refrain from buying anything more. The rule of thumb: If you have not touched something in the last 90 days, it is time to donate or trash.
  • Use multi-functional furniture to avoid having too much furniture in your home, such as a bench that can be used as a storage space or a coffee table and foldable tables and chairs.

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