7 Benefits of Cruelty Free Products in Skin Care

Do you think animal testing is a thing of the past? Think again.

Even though some parts of the world have banned this cruel practice, or are working on banning it, the truth is that animal testing is still common in certain industries. Unfortunately, this includes the cosmetics industry, which means the products you apply to your skin daily could have been tested on cute mice, bunnies, or even dogs.

But testing cosmetics and skin care products on animals is unnecessary, and better alternatives do exist. The good news is that many organic skin care brands are offering cruelty free products, which are better for animals and better for you.

Here are seven benefits of cruelty free products:

Benefit #1: No animals are being harmed to test cruelty free products

When skin care products are tested on animals, these animals live in small cages inside laboratories. Mice, bunnies, cats, and dogs are subjected to tests that often involve dangerous chemicals. These poor animals get injured, maimed, blinded, and often killed, after living in truly inhumane conditions.

When you choose cruelty free products, you can keep your peace of mind knowing you are not supporting these cruel practices. Instead, you are supporting ethical skin care companies that are using better alternatives to test the safety of their products.

Benefit #2: Buying these products sends a clear message to the cosmetics industry

Social activism is one of the best benefits of cruelty free products. Thousands of cosmetics ingredients are already considered safe, so there is truly no need to test potentially harmful chemicals on animals anymore.

When you choose to buy and use cruelty free products instead of products that are tested on animals, you are voting with your money. The message you are sending to the cosmetics industry is clear: you believe animal testing is wrong and unecessary, and you want it to stop.

If enough people send this message by opting for cruelty free products, the industry will have no choice but to turn to more humane alternatives.

Benefit #3: Cruelty free products are better for your health

Cruelty free skin care products are free of toxic and harmful chemicals, which makes them better for your health. Everything you put on your skin gets slowly absorbed by it, so even when a product seems good for you, it might end up triggering allergies, breakouts, or inflammation.

Since cruelty free products only use safe ingredients, they are more gentle on your skin, and better for your health in general.

Benefit #4: Cruelty free products are also better for the environment

For the same reason, cruelty free products are also better for the environment. Since no harsh chemicals are used to create them, these products don’t harm our beautiful planet.

Plus, companies that care about protecting animals from cruel tests usually also care about protecting the environment. This means that many cruelty free skin care products are packaged in eco-friendly packaging

It could now be easier than ever before to make better choices for your skin, for animals, and for the environment.

Benefit #5: Cruelty free products encourage mindful purchasing

Choosing cruelty free skin care products encourages mindful purchasing.

Mindful purchasing is when you are more aware of the products you are purchasing, and of their potential impacts on your health, on your wallet, and on the environment. Instead of buying something just because you feel like it, you only buy items that serve a real purpose and meet a need.

When you want to buy cruelty free skincare products, you limit your options. You say no to the products that were tested on animals, and yes to the products that do no harm and are better for your health.

You might end up with less products in your bathroom, but these products will be products you truly need and love using.

Benefit #6: You can choose from many cruelty free products

Finding cruelty free skin care products really isn’t that complicated. Nowadays, a growing number of companies are offering these products, from small independent businesses to well-known major brands.

Be careful, however, as the term cruelty free is not always regulated and can lead to ambiguity. Look for brands that clearly state their products, as well as each of the ingredients they have used to make these products, have not been tested on animals.

Benefit #7: You can even save money while you save animals

Mindful purchasing will help you spend less money, since you might end up purchasing less skin care products. But you should also know that just because a line of products is cruelty free doesn’t mean it’s more expensive.

Many brands offer affordable products that will make you feel even better about taking a stand against animal testing.

Plus, some cruelty free brands also care about supporting different causes and organizations, and purchasing products from them is a small way to do your part for the greater good.

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