10 Different Types of Sofas in the Best Designed Homes

In almost every home you walk into, you would expect to find a sofa. The sofas come in different shapes, colours, fabrics and styles. Picking out a sofa for your living space may not be as easy as it sounds. Factors such as style, beauty, space and function are some of the primary considerations when selecting a suitable sofa.

Whether you are looking for an antique, formal, informal, or a more contemporary sofa, there are many different types of sofas to choose from. If you are looking to buy a sofa for your living space, here are ten possible ideas for your seating arrangement:

1. The Ottoman

Commonly known as a footstool, the Ottoman is typically used as a coffee table. Its origins can be traced to the Ottoman Empire and is the precursor of today’s “living space.” It used to be a centrepiece seating in Ottoman. Initially, it was only available in big sizes. However, over time, the size has drastically reduced. Today, it is used as complementary furniture to the main sofa. So, if you are looking for something antique and unique, the Ottoman footstool is a perfect addition.

2. Chesterfield Sofas

This sofa dates back to the 18th century. These types of sofas have a fascinating history. It is believed that the sofa was first commissioned by the fourth Earl of Chesterfield in England. The Earl was looking for furniture that was comfortable enough for a man to sit upright in without creasing his suit. Since then, later models of this sofa have maintained a reputation for sophistication. It is uniquely styled by using leather, has arms with similar height as the back and has no back cushions.

3. Camel Back Sofas

These types of sofas trace their origins to the 18th century. It has an arched back that tends to rise at the middle and slightly at the ends. Typically, a camelback sofa has square or rolled arms, exposed legs, upholstery, and has no back cushions. However, if you are into design and would like to give your sofa a bit more personality, you could add some throw cushions or blankets.

4. Sectional or Modular Sofas

This is a combination of sofas brought together to create an intimate living space. It is ideal for larger families that need enough sitting space to accommodate everyone in the same room. One significant advantage for these types of sofas is that they are highly flexible, meaning you can either expand or downsize it to suit your need.

5. Sofa Beds, Futons or Clik-Claks

Although not a first choice for most people, clik-claks have gained popularity over time. They are ideal for people who love to host. You don’t have to purchase a guests’ bed since the clik-clak also doubles up as a bed. It also saves on space. With apartments becoming smaller by the day, having a sofa bed is an excellent investment since it frees up your space without compromising function.

6. English Rolled Arm Sofas

Also known as a club sofa, the English rolled arm sofa is one of the coziest ever made. It features a tight back, is super soft, and has recessed arms, large-sized cushions, and low-tuned legs on casters. When used in contemporary home décor, the English rolled arm sofa gives your home a lived-in feel and cozy ambience.

7. Bridgewater Sofas

If you are planning to have friends over, perhaps for a movie night, the Bridgewater sofa is the most ideal due to its elegance and comfort. Also known as a birch arm sofa or the English three-seater, it is a warm, inviting sofa. It features low set-back arms, a softly-rolled back, heavily padded cushions and concealed feet.

8. Love Seat Sofas

Going back to the late 1700s, the love seat is smaller than regular-sized sofas. It is, in most cases, sold as a companion piece of furniture. If you have a small living space but still wish to own a two-seater, investing in a love seat is ideal.

9. Classic Round Arm Sofas

This antique sofa is also referred to as grandma sofa. Although the older versions were covered in chintz, the more recent types of sofas are upholstered using updated fabrics, making the furniture look classier and modern. Due to the different types of fabrics used, it easy to perfectly blend the sofa in any room setup, both formal and informal.

10. Lawson Sofas

The Lawson sofa gets its name from an American businessman, Thomas W. Lawson, who ordered the first piece to enhance his comfort. Its back features overstuffed layered throw pillows. Over time, the back cushions were reduced to only three. The arms are lower than the back and can either be square or slightly rolled.

This, however, has not limited the creativity of designers as more contemporary designs continue to flood the market. But perhaps what sets this sofa apart is the fact that it has overly stuffed layered pillows to enhance the backrest.

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