Brand New View: 5 Homeowner Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Replacing windows is often not a favourite home upkeep job. It can be a pricier job, especially if the homeowner is trying to replace all windows at once, but it is a really important part of keeping a home in tip-top shape. Making sure to replace windows regularly has many great benefits for homeowners, and its not something that should be skipped or done by cutting corners.

1. Save money

Although replacing windows can be fairly pricy up front, it is definitely worth it once the benefits come through on the financial front. In the summer, new windows help keep the cool air from air conditioners and fans in. In the winter, new windows help keep the warm air in.

The savings on energy bills will be high since the windows will be properly sealed. Newer windows are now double-paned which means the do a much better job of insulating the inside than old single-paned windows. Another option is special energy-efficient windows, which will definitely insulate a home properly and save a lot of extra cash.

Governments will often offer incentives like grants and bursaries in the hopes that homeowners will consider putting energy efficient windows in their homes, and these energy efficient windows can often be used as a tax write-off as well.

2. Stay warm/cool

Saving money isn’t the only benefit new windows provide. With that extra insulation means the homeowner will actually get to feel the benefits of the new windows too. No longer will they have to crank up the heat just to feel comfortable in their own home, or blast the air conditioning just to stay alive during a summer heat wave. The investment in window replacements allows homeowners to feel an added level of comfort in their own home by being able to easily regulate the temperature.

3. Increase property value

A great benefit of new windows is that it brings property value up. This is especially a bonus for homeowners who are planning on selling soon, especially within the couple of years following the window replacement. Homeowners can get exceptional value out of new windows by replacing them, enjoying the benefits of the new windows for a few years, and then selling.

In this case, the value of the home will still be boosted since the windows are relatively new, and the homeowners will have already saved some money by using the windows for a few years before moving. It’s a win-win situation.

4. Beautify the house

New windows give a home a fresh look. It may seem like small details, but simply installing new windows into a home can have a dazzling effect. Windows are not just clear panes of glass, they count as home décor too. They can bring style, flair, and character to a home. New windows can make an entire home look decades newer.

This is another benefit that really shines when a home is being sold too. New windows make a home much more appealing to potential buyers. It may be details, but that’s what people are looking for.

5. Protect belongings

Curtains, furniture fabrics, walls, carpets and other belongings that are sitting in the direct sunlight from a window are at risk of fading in colour over time. New windows have to potential to have UV protection which can save the colours from fading and make belongings last much longer. It can also help protect the residents of the home.

UV rays are known to cause health problems, and residents shouldn’t have to worry about hanging out in a beautiful, sunny area of their home. Replacing windows with UV protected window panes allows residents to enjoy the natural sunlight that enters their home.

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