You Got Mail: 4 Characteristics of Drip Email Campaigns

Drip email campaigns are strategies where clients are contacted with new information at specified, predetermined intervals. Because the real estate industry is so competitive, drip email campaigns have proven to give agents the edge they need as they have been successful in generating leads time and time again. Here are some benefits of real estate drip email campaigns and reasons to adopt this strategy if you have not done so already.

1. Timely

When it comes to emailing current and potential clients to generate leads, your timing needs to be somewhat perfect. If you make contact too early, clients may not be ready and discard and disregard your email. If you wait, it may be too late and they may have already bought or sold a home through another agent.

Drip email campaigns are effective because they are timely no matter where the client is in the process. Even if someone is not ready to buy or sell at the time your first or second email is sent, they may be in a better position to be the third or fourth one. No matter what timeline you set up for your drip email campaign, it will be front and centre and reach clients at just the right time.

2. Diversity

Drip email campaigns are not universal and there is no one, right way to carry them out. This is beneficial for real estate agents because they have different needs at different times and they can alter drip email campaigns to suit them.

While there are many different ways to use drip email campaigns, there are a few that have proven to be more effective than others. Competitive campaigns give the customer reasons why you are better than other real estate agents or companies with the ultimate goal of earning their business. Educational campaigns aim to inform the customer of new services you can provide. Campaigns that nurture leads seek to move a customer in the contemplation stage to a position where he/she is ready to work with you. These are only a few examples of what drip email campaigns can do.

3. Profit increases

Many real estate markets are saturated with agents vying for their shares of business and subsequent profits. You need to find ways to stand out above the crowd. Drip email campaigns are a great way to do this.

Drip email campaigns have proven to be successful in generating and nurturing leads, eventually resulting in clients hiring you for their buying or selling needs. It is estimated that real estate agents that regularly utilize drip email campaigns can increase their profits by approximately 20 percent. By using drip emails, you are guaranteed to always reach clients at the right time, increasing your chances of them hiring you.

4. Ongoing contact

You definitely do not want to pester current or prospective clients with your emails. This will either annoy them or make them feel pressured. Yet you do not want them to forget about you either. Therefore, you need to find a healthy balance between not being a bother and not being forgotten.

Drip email campaigns allow you to remain in contact for as long as the campaign goes for. Even if recipients do not look at the email you sent, the chances of them looking at ones that follow are greater. For potential clients, you can use drip email campaign to inform them of what you have to offer so they can reach out at the appropriate time. For current clients you can update them on any new services you are offering and remind them why you are the obvious choice in the event they need your services in the future.

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