Want to Sell Your Products? 5 Product Packaging Tips to Boost Sales

Retail displays are both an art form and a science. Yes, you need to be immensely creative with your product packaging, but you also need to understand psychology. Once you integrate both into your retail strategy, your bottom line will get a significant boost in the coming weeks.

In today’s economy, more people are shopping online than in brick-and-mortar stores. This is a terrible time for retailers, and one that requires adaptation and innovation. This is where retail display shelving comes into play: you need to attract as much foot traffic as possible.

Should you fail to maximize your retail space, you will hardly hear the cash register ring…or your point of sale (POS) system beep. It is up to you to be artistic and scientific.

Everything from colour to placement, from designs to permanence, there is so much your store can do to ensure products are seen, a shopper’s interest is piqued and you stay open for the foreseeable future.

Here are five retail display shelving tips to boost store sales:

1. Variety is the Spice of Life

So, you have come up with a sublime retail display. It matches all of the necessary criteria that can be unique and draw in shoppers. But it should only be up for about a month or so.

Despite the amount of hard work you put into establishing the retail display shelving, you will now need to change it and come up with something entirely new. Don’t worry, you can do it.

2. Encourage Customers to Touch Your Stuff

For whatever reason, there are so many retail stores that have “do not touch!” signs scattered all over the place. This is the worst thing you could possibly do because you want your shoppers to touch whatever they want. If it will generate a sale then who really cares if they touch it?

3. Price Tags Must be Everywhere

As a customer, how annoying is it asking someone in the store how much an item is? It’s irksome, and, as the storeowner, you want everyone to immediately understand how much something is, otherwise they may channel their social anxiety and simply leave.

The simple solution is to place price tags on each product – if there’s a sale, make sure the final price is already on the article (people hate doing math in their heads).

4. The Best of the Best Should be Front & Centre

Do you have the greatest product you’ve ever had? Do you have a product that is selling like crazy? Do you have a product that is expensive, exorbitant and extravagant? Well, it should be front and centre in the store for the entire world to witness.

Ultimately, if this is the product that will define your company, then it should be marketed as such, something that intrigues customers as they walk by.

5. Rotate Your Shelving Inventory

When certain items on your shelves aren’t selling, one of the best strategies to employ is to rotate your shelving inventory. Permanent shelving versus movable shelving is a common issue for stores, but it really depends on whether something is working or not.

For instance, if every section of the store is performing well then there is no point of experiment. On the other hand, if certain parts of the store aren’t producing sales then experimentation is key.

In the retail world, it’s all about trying something new, updating the brand and modifying the overall landscape of your store.

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