Let Your Personality Dazzle: 4 Ways to Be Likable in a Job Interview

You have a job interview coming up and you feel prepared. You have an elegant outfit picked out, your resume is stellar, and you have been practicing your answers ever since the interview was scheduled. While taking all of these steps are beneficial and key to a successful job interview, the truth is interviewee likeability trumps everything. If the person interview you does not like you, the sad reality is, you probably will not be hired. Sure, you consider yourself very likeable but how do you sell yourself in this regard to the person interviewing you? Below are the three main ways to show your likeability and increase your chances of being hired.

1. Research the company

The person interviewing you, whether it be a manger, a sales recruiter or someone from human resources, wants to see that you are interested in the company. Therefore, before the interview, research the company as much as you can and memorize some of the key details. Fitting this information into your answers will demonstrate your interest in working there. Companies want employees who show a vested interest in the company and doing research will definitely convey this.

2. Be friendly

While experiences and qualifications are very important in the interview process, management also wants employees who are friendly and can show that they are easy to get along with. It is a manager’s dream to have an atmosphere where every employee gets along and you want to show that you can be a part of the team. The interview begins right when you walk through the door so when you arrive, be cordial with the receptionist. The person interviewing you may be watching how you interact and the receptionist may even give feedback that will affect your chances of being hired. Engage in the small talk that usually occurs before the interview begins. This demonstrates that you are personable and able to carry on a conversation.

3. Take your time

Interviewer’s like people who do not sound like robots when answering questions. While it is common for interviewees to practice possible answers to interview questions, you still want to appear relaxed, personable, and thoughtful. When a question is asked, take a few moments to think about exactly what you are going to say. This will not show that you are unprepared, but will demonstrate that you are going to give an honest answer. Try to find a balance between talking too fast and attempting to answer the question as soon as it is asked and talking too slow and taking too long to answer. Try your best to match the pace of the interviewer. This will put both of you at ease and demonstrate your compatibility.

4. Ask questions at the end

It is a well-known fact that people like talking about themselves and their accomplishments. Without being overly flattering, ask questions about the interviewer and the company when given the opportunity at the end of the interview. Specifically, asking about company goals, accomplishments, and the interviewer’s career and personal endeavours with the company would show your genuine interest and that you are serious about doing a good job.

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