The Royal Feast: 4 Reasons to Hire a Party Caterer

As the Christmas holiday season approaches, a portion of the population will begin looking to Pinterest for how to “wow” their various family members and friends who will be coming over for: upscale drinks, fun appetizers, a cookie exchange, or the full meal on Christmas Day. The other portion of the population has not had time to think about dinner parties and is more concerned how to best introduce mom and dad to the new partner, roommate, or genius scheme to pay off the ever-mounting Toronto lifestyle debt.

If you’re part of group two, eventually you will realize that mom and dad need more than an awesome boyfriend and dreams to satisfy their hunger, and you will frantically begin scouring your cupboards for something edible and festive to serve up.  If your cupboards are something these guys would be proud of, you might want to consider the following four reasons to cater your holiday meal.

1. You like your parents.

You don’t see them very often, or talk on the phone every day and their use of social media is tedious, at best. But, overall, they’re good people and it’s always fun when they come over to your place for a drink. So, use this holiday to spend time with them! Have you ever asked your mom what her favourite book is, or what your dad’s favourite beer is? Do you secretly want to introduce them to Cards Against Humanity?

Instead of stressing yourself out in the kitchen all afternoon while trying to make a good impression, spend quality time with them. Your catered meal can be ready for pick-up at a pre-arranged time, or for a small fee the order can be delivered right to your apartment.

  • Every container will be labelled,
  • There will be heating and serving instructions on those containers,
  • Some companies have reusable containers!

Eliminate the worry of being in the kitchen while your guests are visiting and appreciate the time you get to spend with these festive people!

2. You work for a start-up company.

If this is true, you’re used to having an inexpensive, nutritious cafeteria in your office building, healthy snacks regularly stocked and a rotating keg of beer consistently tapped and ready for celebrations. You’re at work more than you’re at home, and you’re unfamiliar with the utensils in your kitchen.

Catered meals cuts out: shopping, organizing and cooking so you can continue to achieve gold stars at work. You can also find a catering company who prepares meals with local, seasonal, quality ingredients.

3. Lacto-Ovo-What?

If you know in advance the dietary preferences of your guests, catering companies will do all they can to accommodate your needs.

  • Vegan and vegetarian,
  • Nut or gluten allergies,
  • Diabetic- friendly options.

You’ll still have to engage in small talk, but an easy topic will be about how thankful each guest is that there is something yummy for them to eat. Discuss with the caterers how they can customize your order!

4. You only have one wine glass.

Depending on how many people are coming over, or what kind of atmosphere you want to create, there are many rental items which can be included in your catering package.

  • Dishes, cutlery, napkins.
  • Wine glasses, goblets, beer steins.
  • Candlesticks, table cloths, tables and chairs.
  • Yes, you can even get a server included in a catering package!

When you want to make a fantastic impression, and ensure everyone feels welcome, holiday entertaining can become hectic and more about the “to do” lists. Eliminate the food chaos by hiring a caterer. If you’re still overwhelmed, you can check out this book for cozy wintery ideas.

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