The Pizza Party: 5 Guidelines for Cooking Your Own Pizza

If you know pizza then you know that a good, pizza oven is the best thing to have in order to make absolutely mouth-watering pizza. The greatest part is that having a pizza oven does not just have to be something for rich people and pizza parlours. In fact, you can have a portable outdoor pizza oven right in your backyard for the price of a regular old barbeque.

1. The best pizza ever

The most obvious reason to invest in a wood-burning, outdoor pizza oven is that, like in real pizzerias, the homemade pizza you cook will have an extra touch that just cannot be had with a regular oven. It creates a unique taste that will have your mouth watering and have your neighbours wishing they could pop over for a taste.

Some of the reason wood-burning pizza ovens have this effect on pizza is that they have a certain heat distribution that makes a difference in how the pizza is cooked. Also, the wood actually adds a little bit of flavour to the food which is unique, but absolutely delicious.

2. Just use wood

More like a campfire and less like an electric oven, outdoor pizza ovens just use wood as fuel. This means that they require no other resources, hookups, or expensive products to get running, just a few hunks of wood, something to get the fire going, and some food to cook on top of it. Although a more or less novelty item, outdoor pizza ovens are practical in that they are not expensive to own or run, and they can be used any time of the year, in nearly any kind of weather.

3. You can really cook anything

Although it is called an outdoor pizza oven, your imagination is the limit on what can be cooked inside. One thing that is absolutely guaranteed though is that the food you cook will be cooked to perfection and have some added flavour. In fact, you could completely replace your barbeque with the outdoor pizza oven if you wanted to, and you would likely not even miss it. The outdoor pizza oven is just as portable as a barbeque, and makes food that is just as good if not better.

4. Bring people together

There is something so joyful about building a fire in your outdoor pizza oven, sitting around, cooking great food and visiting with friends and family. A pizza oven will provide a great talking piece because it is so unique, and it gives you a great excuse to invite people over to test it out.

Reconnect with your loved ones over a delectable homecooked meal. Enjoy the warm summer evenings with a fire and some real, Italian-style pizza. An outdoor pizza oven does not merely have to be an appliance with which to cook, it can be the focal point of a party and a place to gather around with your family.

5. No major installation needed

These ovens are relatively small. They come with wheels so they are easily portable, and they aren’t too much bigger or clunkier than a regular barbeque. There are no pipes or hoses to install, and no propane to deal with. In fact, outdoor pizza ovens are super easy to place in your backyard.

They come in many different styles, so can have some shelves on which items can be stored and you can find different oven sizes to accommodate your needs. Outdoor pizza ovens come ready to use, so you don’t have to jump through hoops to get it set up and ready to cook on.

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