Delicious Meal: 7 Best Wines with Pizza

If you enjoy pizza, you aren’t alone. This is a food that’s loved by most individuals. Regardless of what you put on your pizza, you’ll want to have the best wine to go with it. Buying a wine that’s tasty and full of flavour is something that can make this a delicious meal.

However, you’ll want to know the right choices to make the most out of your dining experience. Here are seven of the best wines with pizza:

1. Montepulciano d’Abruzzo

Adding a rich red wine to your pizza lunch or dinner is a fantastic idea. You’ll have taste buds that are singing when you choose the wine Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. This wine is an upscale drink that will surely complement your choice of pizza.

There’s little doubt that this wine won’t allow you to feel more inspired to enjoy every single slice of your pizza. You’re sure to have a much better time eating this meal by adding this alcoholic beverage to it.

2. Cabernet Franc

Do you want to savour the flavour of your pizza? If so, the best way to do so may include adding a glass of Cabernet Franc wine to this delightful meal.

You’ll be way ahead of the game when you add this famous red wine to your day. Keep in mind this beverage may go the best with a hot and fresh pepperoni pizza.

3. Garnacha

Who doesn’t love a glass of Garnacha when you’re having pizza for lunch or even dinner? This is a light red wine that offers a punch of flavour while being light on the stomach.

Regardless of the type of pizza you may be enjoying, this variety should be on your to drink list. It will bring out the flavours of your pizza without breaking the bank. It’s more on the less expensive side and is sure to appease any appetite.

4. Pinotage

If you prefer a more vibrant tasting red wine, you may lean towards a glass of Pinotage. This one should be high your purchase list the next time you go grocery shopping.

Pinotage can help make the tomato sauce of your pizza a bit tangier. Having a pizza that’s a bit spicy and full of the right flavours can allow you to get the absolute most enjoyment out of it.

5. Riesling

One thing you’ll want to think about is the type of pizza you’ll be eating. You may want to have a lack of richness in your red wine with the spicier selections.

Riesling is a red wine that is gentler on the taste buds but is sure to make any pizza taste a bit better. This red wine goes well with more meatier pizza options, such as sausage or hamburger pizza. You’ll love the sweetness this wine offers, and you may even need to have a second glass.

6. Chardonnay

If you enjoy a more tropical variety in your wine, this may have you craving a Chardonnay wine. This is a white wine that lacks nothing when it comes to taste and flavour.

You’ll be able to appease your appetite faster than you can wink your eye when this white wine is on the table. Why wait till tomorrow to do what you can enjoy today?

Pick up a bottle or a case of this tasty beverage to ensure you never run out of it. Don’t forget to chill it before dinner to make the most of your pizza meal.

7. Argentine Malbec

If you’re still trying to find the perfect red wine to add to your pizza meal, it’s ideal for giving Argentine Malbec a try. This must be one of the more popular options and is sure to help you make the most out of any pizza. Do you like your pizza loaded with toppings or do you tend to lean to just a few? It doesn’t matter when you have a glass of this tried and true red wine chilled and ready to go with your food.

You can turn up the taste volume by pairing it with most any pizza. Just don’t neglect to get it ready by chilling it for a bit and you may need more than one glass when you do.

What’s better on a weeknight or the weekend for that matter than having a hot pizza with a cold glass of wine? You’re sure to put more flavour in your day and maybe more pep in your step. This could be the tastiest meal you’ve had in a while and enjoying every bite should be high on your to-do list. Look no further for the right wine to help make any pizza better and your appetite satisfied. Simply make your next grocery visit one that has your cart full of the wine that best suits your needs!

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