The Night Is Young: 5 Nightly Chores Every Business Should Do

Do you own a business, or work as a company manage? If so, you’ll understand the discomfort a dirty work environment can cause. Walking into an office with over flowing trash bins, un-kept desks, and dusty counters, can give off an impression that the company does not care.

That’s why, we’ve come up with a list of the 5 essential items you, or your cleaners, should complete on a nightly basis to ensure your office, is always client ready.

1. Trash Bins

This one, is as simple as it sounds. Every night, all of the trash bins, recycling, and compost should be taken out. Over-flowing trash cans are noticeable, and give off a bad first impression. Plus, missing the bins for a few days, can cause a pile up of garbage. Full bins of garbage can lead unwelcome smells, and welcome in unwanted office critters; such as mice, cockroaches and rats.

If you hire an office cleaning service, make sure you’re telling them to make the trash a priority. In addition to the garbage itself, once a week, the trash can liners should be replaced. Changing these regularly, also assist in maintaining unpleasant, odors and pests.

2. Bathrooms

Just because this room is not immediately seen, doesn’t mean it can be forgotten. A bathroom is a clear indication of how much you care for your business. Plus, clients will be able to tell how much work goes into keeping this room presentable. Night, you should make sure all the counters, sinks, toilets, and floors have been wiped down and sanitized. Further, the toilet paper, paper towel, and feminine hygiene products should always be in full stock. Running low on these items, could leave a bad impression on clients, and result in disgruntled employees.

3. Floors

The floors should be vacuumed, and swept nightly. Especially, in areas where there is heavy foot traffic. Having foot prints, mud, or water tracked through your office is not a desirable look. Ignoring this area of the office, can also have an impact on people with allergies. Buildup of dust and dirt, can cause some individuals to have a negative allergic reaction. Which is why it’s best to prevent this potential health hazard, before it happens.

4. Sanitize

If you hire someone to clean your business, ask them what measures they are taking to sanitize surfaces. Even if they are wiping down areas, they may not be disinfecting, and sanitizing them. You’ll need to ensure a disinfectant solution is being used. This is because, a disinfectant is essential in preventing the spread of illnesses and germs.

5. Windows

This is another key indicator of how the public may view your business’ cleanliness. If windows are left un-kept, it can give off a negative impression. So, have the cleaners wipe down the front windows, as well as those inside the business. Be sure to wipe the window corners, as they are a hot spot for cob webs and spiders; critters no employee, or customer wants to see.

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