Special Gift: 3 Ways to Personalize Wood Wine Boxes

A special gift deserves a unique box.

If that gift is a bottle of wine, you want to make sure it comes wrapped in a personalized wood box that says you took special care in putting it together. A wood box stands out in ways that no other gift packaging does. However, what could make it stand out more is a customized message inscribed on it that nails home the point that you really care about the recipient.

By personalizing wood wine boxes, you give them a special meaning, an attachment that makes one keep them around long after emptying their contents. To personalize a wood wine box, what you write on it should carry a meaning beyond words; an emotional attachment that hinges more on the sentimental than the inscription itself.

To achieve this impact, consider the following ways of personalizing wood wine boxes.

1. Make the Date Memorable

A special gift of wine is given as a commemoration of a unique event such as a wedding. That special wedding date becomes a couple’s wedding anniversary. The gift could also be to mark other forms of special occasions such as a graduation day, a birthday, or another significant event worth remembering. Printing the date on the box using an elegant font can immortalize the event in a way that makes holding the box surreal. It’s like travelling back in time and experiencing a particular moment all over again.

2. Initialize

Inscribing a wood wine box with the initials of a recipient is a classic minimalist approach that is simple yet elegant. For instance, when giving a newlywed couple a bottle of expensive wine, you could inscribe their initials or first names on the wood box. Emphasis should be on the shared last name, which indicates a new beginning as they commence life together.

3. A Unique Phrase or Quote

You can also add a unique cryptic phrase or quote that carries a special meaning to the recipient. Since a wood box has limited space for inscriptions, the phrase or quote should be short. It should also be legible from a few feet. For display at home or at the office, the size of the lettering should be legible enough without having to take it off the display. There are many significant, meaningful quotes and phrases online that you can use to deliver a memorable yet punchy wood box inscription.

A custom wood wine box is a unique way of personalizing a gift and extending both its value and impact beyond the gift itself. When appropriately designed and perfectly executed, a custom wood wine box could end up becoming part of your recipient’s home or office décor poignantly displayed for everyone to see. A one-off wood gift box could for years give more than the bottle of wine it once contained.

As you consider a gift of wine to a friend for whatever occasion they may be celebrating, put some thought into how you would like to package it. See how pleased they will be when they receive the bottle of wine in a craftily designed and personalized wood box to make them feel as though you put your heart and soul into it.

A wood wine gift box allows you to personalize lasting emotions and unforgettable memories. You get to have whatever messages you want laser engraved onto the wood box in a way that captures exactly how you want the lucky recipient to perceive you. They provide a perfect packaging for a wedding wine gift or for any other commemorative event you may want to capture and freeze in time. If done correctly, years down the road, that special wood wine box will still be proudly displayed somewhere in the recipient’s home or office for everyone to see.

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