Smile & Say Cheese: 5 Ways to Take the Perfect Employee ID Photo

To improve corporate security and to ensure the safety of staff, many companies are embracing employee ID cards. It is becoming perfectly acceptable, and it isn’t creepy like biometric technology that some businesses in Europe are incorporating into the workplace. All types of industries are installing the employee ID system: healthcare, education, construction and even non-profit organizations. And why not?

Some may decide to outsource the process to a company that handles the feature. Some may simply purchase the equipment – software, printer and laminator. It is up to you.

As you will find out, the hardest part of the entire ordeal is to snap the perfect image of your personnel with photo ID software. This could be because you don’t have the lighting, settings or even technology. That said, there are a few things you can do to improve the process.

Here are five tips for taking perfect employee IDs with photo software:

1. Following the Software Instructions

After you have purchased the right photo ID software that matches you company’s needs, it is imperative that you read the instructions and follow every single recommendation. Otherwise, what is the point of having this piece of software if you’re not adhering to the guidelines.

2. Have Plenty of Lighting

A common mistake that many businesses make when they’re doing their own employee ID system is that they are not taking pictures with an abundance of light.

However, that is the key to sublime images: having plenty of light for every shot you have. The light should be directed on the subject and you must avoid any shadows that may be created.

3. Ensure the Subject is Standing Still


This can be hard to do, even for the most professional of photographers, but you must make sure that the subject is standing still. In other words, they can’t blink when pictures are being taken, they can’t keep switching from frowning to smiling and they can’t move their body around.

Simply put: have them stare directly at the camera and that is it. This shouldn’t be too hard to do.

4. Use a Tripod for All Photos

Here is something that will certainly improve the effectiveness of a photo ID system: tripods.

Whether you are using smartphone technology or professional DSLR cameras, it would be prudent to complement it with a tripod. This will ensure that there is no shaking, which would then create a blurry and ugly shot. It also provides a reasonable amount of height.

Tripods are not too expensive, and it is a wise investment for the employee IDs and future events because you can reuse it for a social media campaign or internal storage.

5. A Neutral Background is a Must

When it is picture day, all of your employees should stand in front of a neutral background, preferably a white background. You don’t want to use black, patterns or obnoxious colours.

The only colour (or shade) that will provide you with perfect photo IDs is white. Nothing else. If you have a white wall, then that would be suitable. If not, be sure to get a white stand.

In today’s environment of security breaches and data infiltration, companies are trying everything to prevent a threat from arising, whether it is online or offline. If your company stores sensitive material on-site, then you must protect the information. And one of the ways to achieve that is by adopting an employee ID system.

It is quick, affordable and effective. Whether you are taking advantage of a photo ID software or you are using a professional ID service, your investment will pay dividends down the road. You can protect the premises, you can shield your employees and you can ensure day-to-day business goes off without any significant hiccups or headaches.

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