8 Living Room Carpet Ideas to Spice Up Your Interior

One way you could change the look of your living room is by introducing a new area rug. The living room, being the central hub in a home, should set the mood for the entire house since it’s where many people interact. Choosing the right colour and pattern for your carpet can spotlight the furniture in your room and give it an all-inclusive feel.

There are several things to consider when choosing carpet tiles for your home. The size goes without saying. You wouldn’t want a carpet that is too small or too big for your space. Many prefer a rug that fits the conversation area of the room with the front legs of your furniture providing an anchor to the carpet. Comfort and care are also essential considerations when choosing a new carpet.

The possibilities of how you can design your living room are endless. Let’s look at a few living room carpet ideas that might just spark your imagination.

1. Create a Beach-Inspired Vibe

Dreamy colours, for example, ocean blues and light neutral colours such as grey, white or beige, can be used to create an idyllic coastal vibe. Mixing these colours in a soft and comfortable blending pattern can easily transform your living room and give it a relaxing coastal feel, even if you are in the heart of a busy city. A dreamy blue rug is all you need to create and finish off this look.

2. Tropical-inspired Carpets

Bold colours and patterns in tropical-themed rugs can make your living room pop, rendering a playful, fun dimension to it. To complement the bold colours and lift the décor of your living room to another level, add a few similarly coloured items such as tropical art, or use the same colours for your throw pillows to give your room a uniform pulled-together look.

For these living room carpet ideas, the bright colours also give the perception of a bold, cheerful host to anyone visiting for the first time.

3. Black and White Carpets

Black and white patterns add an urban feel to any room. Having a black and white rug can provide a pleasant and unexpected contrast to your living room. If the furniture style is more rustic than urban, having a black and white patterned carpet can significantly bring that urban feel to your living room.

Black rugs can also be used as neutral choices to give the room a more in-depth feel and emphasize the colours of other furniture pieces and décor in the room.

4. Weathered Pattern Carpets

Having a weathered pattern carpet is one of the best ways to add contemporary style to your living room. If you have brightly coloured boho décor, the slightly worn patterns can be used to mute the colours that could overwhelm your room.

Weathered designs are very trendy living room carpet ideas, since they draw attention away from themselves. At the same time, these carpets complete the look and feel of your living room.

5. Autumnal and Berry Shades

The use of autumnal and berry shades in living room décor has grown in popularity in recent years. They are common in contemporary urban designed living rooms. The deep colours work well with a rich palette of grey and brown furniture and décor.

These colours are not only pleasing to the eye but also very practical as they can withstand wear and tear. They are also used to cancel out the monotone appearance of a room, adding a small, subtle pop to your space.

6. Natural Coloured Carpets

Rugs featuring natural colours give your living room a bold appearance. These statement rugs can be used as trendy stand-alone pieces for your living room. You could also have your room’s general colour scheme built around the rug’s shades. The inspiration pool for these rugs is as limitless as the different forms of natural surroundings.

7. Unifying Patterns

If you have a large and multi-purpose living room, use a uniform carpet to connect all the different areas within the room. If your living room has a dining table, a reading nook, a couch, and a coffee table section, use a uniformly patterned rug large enough to cover the entire space. This can unify all these sections and blend everything together in a harmonious, nicely-tidied way. This is most appropriate in open-plan rooms.

Even if you want a different rug, one for your living room and another for the dining room, choosing rugs with similar colours can create a unified look for the entire space.

8. Use Area Rugs

Area rugs complement the furniture and the rest of your living room’s decor. With new trends coming up, the range of flooring options and designs available to homeowners has become more diverse. However, when it comes to carpets, you can use both new and rustic designs that feature different colours to complement the trending urban contemporary style.

The trick is to choose carpet designs and colours that complement the rest of your living room décor. Currently, a blend of traditional and modern styles are redefining living room décor.

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