Sleeping Cozy: 5 Features of a Futon

There are many different types of furniture in the world today, featuring variations of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Picking the right type of furniture can sometimes be a bit daunting after being faced with so much variety. Maybe you want a couch or a chair. Perhaps even a loveseat, or maybe even a bed. It’s very rare that there’s a combination of everything that you could ever want, but sometimes it just so happens that the universe smiles upon you and grants you a single wish.

A futon most likely wouldn’t be that wish, unfortunately, but they’re still wonderful pieces of furniture that many people can get a lot of use from. How exactly is that possible, though? Let’s discuss five good reasons that you should own a futon.

1. Affordable

Futons are life savers for those without many funds, such as students. Paying for what is essentially two pieces of furniture for the price of one is a good reason why they’re so valuable to those who are a bit financially limited. Plus, you have a nice new couch during the day and cozy warm bed at night.

2. Compact

The futon also comes in handy for those of us who suffer from limited space. Some folks simply don’t have the room for a big bed and sofa to be sitting in the middle of their place. A nice futon will eliminate one of those space eaters with ease! Simply fold the mattress of the futon up into the sofa position and you suddenly have much more space. It’s a quick and easy process that allows you to tidy up the place in the event of unexpected company.

3. Versatile

Imagine for a moment that you have a lot of work to get done overnight, but your poor partner needs to sleep in order to prepare for the next day. That is a conundrum that can be easily solved by certain variations of the futon! Some futons allow you to lay half of the mattress back so that one occupant can rest easily while the other sits up comfortably, able to do whatever they need to without disturbing their partner. That kind of convenience can be hard to come by in a small apartment, especially one with roommates.

4. Useful

You can never truly know when you will have an unexpected guest staying with you overnight. This is quite the issue for the person who lives in a one bedroom apartment, or has each of their bedrooms filled to capacity. Simply pull the mattress out and toss a warm blanket on, then your guest will be good to stay for the entire night in comfort and style. They may even like the experience so much that they invest in their very own futon!

5. Variety

There is no doubt about it. These days, futons are quite popular for many reasons, whether they be needed for space, price, or convenience. As such, there are a variety of futons to choose from. Various styles such as contemporary, modern, transitional, wood and metal futons are currently available to buy with ease. Therefore, it will be quite easy to find one that fits in with your personal preferences, style, and decor. All in all, there are painfully few reasons not to actually have a futon, as they have so many uses and positives, with relatively few negatives.

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