Modern Television: 5 Cool Features of the Apple TV 4th Generation

When the Apple TV 4th generation was released it was well worth the wait. This Apple TV iteration is by far and away the most advanced and user-friendly. Here are 5 things that we absolutely love about it.

1. The user experience is a big improvement!

The creative minds at Apple have spent a great deal of time doing everything they can to ensure that the latest version of the apple interface is as intuitive as possible. It is more effective and simple to set up than ever before. This alone makes an upgrade to the 4th generation well worth it.

Assuming you already have an Apple account, the pairing of devices is seamless and you will be watching tv in a matter of minutes. Navigating through the menus is as straightforward as you would expect from any Apple product.

2. Clicker, remote, do-da, whatever you call it

The Apple TV 4th generation continues to impress with the latest Apple TV remote. It has a great deal of technology in such a small device. One thing you that cannot accuse Apple of is not calibrating their touch sensors correctly. It fits snugly into your hand and you are able to control the entire operating system with just a few casual movements of your thumb.

There is even a method of fast forwarding by simply resting the side of the remote in your hand. This small and simple gesture control is what really sets the 4th generation apart from many other streaming devices. It even has a built-in gyroscope for gaming use and other gestures. We’re really impressed by the remote if you couldn’t tell.

3. Taking voice control the next level

Voice control in streaming systems is nothing new, however now that Apple has integrated Siri, the 4th generation of Apple TV is really something special. You are probably already a big fan of Siri and what she is capable of. When it comes to telling Siri what you want to watch, the process feels very futuristic. Being able to put voice to text into the search field is just one way that the technology has improved.

Simple commands such as fast forward and pause make the viewing experience just a wonder to behold. Especially if you have your hands full with a delicious meal. There is no need to lift a finger to control what you are watching.

4. The whole family can use it

Apple products are famous for being so intuitive that even very young children are able to use them with ease. This is also true of the Apple TV 4th Generation. Every member of the family, both young and old, will be able to use the remote and voice controls to find what they want to watch.

5. The best is yet to come

App developers are very excited now that the environment is app based. This opens the whole Apple TV experience up to a whole new slew of apps that are being developed specifically for the Apple TV. With many new apps already available this trend is set to continue. This means that the lifespan of the Apple TV 4th generation is much greater than their previous counterparts, and you will never get bored of what it can do.

Finally, it’s awesome to see that Apple has taken the time to improve everything about the Apple TV product. We’re thrilled at the level of innovation and fine-tuning that has gone into the new streaming device, and we’re very excited to see what they come up with next.

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