Hot In The Kitchen: 6 Benefits of a Kitchen Exhaust Hood

Many restaurant owners don’t even consider the commercial kitchen exhaust hood that is hanging above their industrial stoves as an appliance, and they certainly don’t worry about it if it starts to act a little wonky.

However, there is a good reason that these hoods were invented, and it isn’t just to shine light on the food that is being prepared. In this list, we will go into a few of the top reasons that investing in a new commercial kitchen exhaust hood is a good idea when your restaurants seem to be on the fritz.

1. The Air Quality

The most important job of your range hood and the commercial exhaust fan is to remove the hazardous materials associated with cooking from the kitchen. If you have six or seven stoves going at once, then the air is going to be full of smoke, grease, and steam, which though it makes great food hangs around and pollutes the air quality of the kitchen as well. Having a reliable working range exhaust hood helps to improve that air quality for you and your employees as well.

2. Carbon Monoxide

Without proper ventilation in your kitchen, carbon monoxide fumes can cause flu like symptoms among your employees in the short term and even death in the long term. While carbon monoxide detectors do help to warn you if the levels are high, a range exhaust hood helps to prevent the carbon monoxide to begin with.

3. Helps You to Cook in Comfort

No employee or chef wants to cook in a kitchen that is stuffy, extra hot, and just downright miserable. Instead, of the smells, grease, and stuffiness hitting you in the face, they will be sucked up out of the range hood, leaving you and your employees to cook in peace and harmony.

4. Takes Out Excessive Heat

Everyone knows that cooking produces a ton of heat. Not only does it heat up your restaurant kitchen extensively, it also produces a lot of smoke and steam. That is why having a range exhaust hood that can draw the heat out of the kitchen is so important. The last thing you want is your employees getting sick and having to leave due to the excessive heat in the kitchen, on the busiest night of the week.

5. Helps Keep the Kitchen Clean and Inspection Ready

Just the word inspection is enough to send some eatery owners into a panic, because they are worried about the state of their kitchens. When you clean the kitchen and try to get the hard to reach places, such as behind the stoves or the freezers, and you find a sticky coating of dust, it can get pretty overwhelming with an inspection looming.

Having a range hood helps with that coating of dust and makes your kitchen a cleaner, healthier place to be for you and your employees. It also protects the patrons in your eatery as well, as this air, heat, grease, and other chemicals do have a way of drifting out into your dining room as well.

6. Your Own Peace of Mind

You, of course, as a business owner want to do everything you can to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. You also want to be known for the quality of your food. Having a well working range exhaust hood on every range in your establishment will go a long way towards achieving those goals for you, your customers, and your employees, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that you are doing everything possible to make the above true.

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