Bringing New Life to Old Structures: 4 Wonders of Sheet Metal Restoration

Sheet metal has long been the preferred choice for many churches and historic structures. It has also gained popularity in use for roofing shingles and for many residential homes where the owners want to add a sense of classic beauty to their houses. Skilled craftsmen are available to help restore historic churches, significant commercial properties and even heritage homes. They can also help homeowners and building operators carry out sheet metal fabrication and roofing services.

Sheet metal restoration companies help to restore historic properties and buildings. They also work with homeowners, designers and contractors to create new designs that capture the sheet metal magic of the past. That might be a set of copper garage doors or stamped and decorative sheet metal roof tiles and copper sheet metal gates. They can incorporate an architectural sheet metal element to any home or property.

Anything is possible with sheet metal restoration. Only your imagination will hold you back!

1. Historic buildings can be restored.

Sheet metal restoration is perfect for preserving the historic nature of your property and maintaining the basic elements of its design. This work is being done today all over the country on national landmarks and statues and historic buildings like the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa, the capital city of Canada.

Sheet metal experts are busy repairing everything from steeples on centuries-old churches to modern copper roofs down the road. They can also work with any sheet metal material. That could include copper, lead-coated copper, stainless steel, galvanized steel, zinc, aluminum, nickel, brass and titanium.

2. Restoring sheet metal has been integral for many important establishments.

This work has been on-going for hundreds of years and sheet metal designs have been the ideal choice for historic property owners, building managers, architects and more. Sheet metal work can be found on everything from government offices and courthouses to ivy-league universities, national libraries and more. But when they age, restoration and general repairs are necessary for their upkeep.

Some of that work might include restoring metal wall panels, shingles, Spanish roof tiles, cornice details, domes, steeples and cupolas, stamped, decorative and ornamental and statuary work and statue restoration.

3. Sheet metal shingles are a great design choice.

Metal roofing shingles have been the first choice for designers and architects for well over a hundred years and they were chosen because they offer a roofing solution that is highly durable, light and virtually fireproof. The experts in sheet metal restoration can reproduce any size and shape of sheet metal roofing shingles to enhance their looks.

These low-maintenance shingles are a great way to keep up appearances without constant upkeep. They can match the material of your current tile or try something new and they can fabricate metal shingles from a variety of metals, including steel, copper, zinc and stainless steel.

If you want a specific sheet metal product, they will design and build it for you. This might include decorative roof cresting and roof finials, Spanish roof tiles, stamped sheet metal roof tiles, crimped copper sheet metal, crimped galvanized steel sheets, copper doors and even weathervanes.

4. Sheet metal restoration and repairs are performed on homes too.

Sheet metal restorers will work one-on-one with homeowners, designers and contractors to help create the sheet metal fabrications they’re looking for. This might include the fabrication of decorative metal cornice, metal gutters, copper finials, decorative sheet metal roof cresting. Sheet metal designs for residential homes come in a variety of metal finishes including copper, zinc, steel, sheet metal shingles, sheet metal Spanish tiles.

You can also get customized sheet metal products like stamped and decorative sheet metal, custom gutters and leaderheads, zinc and copper countertops, copper sheet metal gates, balustrades, cornice work and specialty decorative sheet metal roof accessories.

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