What Is Steel: 5 Key Characteristics of a Steel Structure

Steel structures have become increasingly more popular lately, and for good reason. Steel boasts a number of advantages over other traditional building materials, and its versatility makes it a smart choice for any new building project.

Steel buildings are advantageous for many reasons:

1. Steel is cost efficient.

A very attractive aspect of using steel as a building material is that it costs less than wood, cement or brick. This will give you a lot more freedom to build what you want with whatever budget you may have. Steel also has great insulation value. That means your building will stay warmer on average than it would if it were made of other building materials. If the building is heated, the insulation power of steel will also help save you money.

2. Steel is secure.

At almost half the weight of any other traditional building materials, steel can withstand much more damage. Steel is the material of choice for areas that experience high-intensity natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. Strong and heavy things are not the only way to destroy buildings though. Even the strongest wooden structures of old could buckle and fall due to the nibbling infestations of termites and other pesky insects. Steel does not fall victim to this problem.

Mould is another silent killer that can easily cause a building to become unlivable. Not in a steel building though. Worried about rust and corrosion? Don’t be. Steel can resist not only the forceful blows of weather, but also the quieter forces of nature. Steel is made to withstand these factors though. Often, these structures will even have a 30-year guarantee. Talk about getting your money’s worth!

3. Steel is safe.

Due to its sheer strength, steel will protect anything under its roof from whatever is going on outside. Also, due to its ability to resist so many factors that weaken other building materials, steel will remain in tact and safe to use many, many years after it has been built.

Steel buildings are safe in another way too… they are safe for the earth! Steel is recyclable, so even when you are done with your steel structure, you can dispose of it in a way that will not negatively affect the environment.

4. Steel is simple.

How many hired builders do you think it takes to erect a steel building? Well, none. You and a few helpers could easily do it yourselves. Unlike Rome, steel buildings can be built in a day, and with not too much effort. The building will come as pre-engineered structures with instructions, and as long as those instructions are followed accurately, the building will be standing tall and strong in no time.

Since the steel buildings are pre-engineered, they can be sent directly to the building site with no hassle and no need to dish out extra money on hired builders. Should you decide after building your structure that you would like to expand it, well you are definitely in luck. Most steel buildings are expandable and easily adjustable.

5. Steel is versatile.

Nowadays, tons of industries use steel buildings to ensure that whatever they have going on inside will be secure. Gyms, dog kennels, airplane hangars, garden sheds, houses, barns retail outlets and warehouses are all industries and businesses that commonly build their buildings out of steel. The list doesn’t end there either. Whether you want to build a house or a garage, or whether you want to build a barn or a silo, you can build it out of steel to ensure that you get a sturdy, dependable structure that will be guaranteed to last for years.

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