7 Famous People with Anxiety Problems and Their Stories

In the state that the world is currently in, it is only natural that anxiety would be skyrocketing in ways that haven’t been seen in decades. The world over is suffering together, which means that many people will have their old anxieties brought back to the surface while others will have their very first interactions with this invisible beast.

The important thing to remember is that you have access to professional help and resources, such as consulting with a registered psychotherapist. You are not alone in this battle, and many people are also suffering from anxiety problems. Even the most confident and well known people in the world are fighting their own battles with anxiety as well.

Fortunately, many famous people with anxiety are in a position to seek help, and their stories of perseverance have served as inspiration for their fans. In the following list, we will describe seven famous people with anxiety, along with their journeys towards recovery.

1. Selena Gomez

As one of the most famous people with anxiety problems, this former child star is no stranger to the pressures of the celebrity world. Growing up as she did put her under the harsh spotlight of social media, which can be excessively cruel for absolutely no reason. On top of that weight, she also spent a large chunk of time touring, which can be an incredibly lonely and stressful experience.

Fortunately, the star began undergoing dialectical behaviour therapy in her mid-twenties. According to her, this has been a life-changing experience, showing that sometimes the trick is to simply ask for help.


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2. Stephen Colbert

Another famous person with anxiety is Stephen Colbert. Looking at this beloved late-night comedian, you would never imagine that he has suffered from severe panic attacks for a good portion of his life. He has described his experiences with panic attacks as agonizing, yet a normal part of his life that he had to actively live with.

According to Colbert, his saving grace has been medication. Finding the proper medication regimen can be the difference between night and day for someone with severe anxiety in many cases.


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3. Chris Evans

Even superheroes can suffer from anxiety, it seems. According to Chris Evans, his anxiety was so bad that he initially rejected his iconic role of Captain America due to his struggles with the beast. Ironically, ultimately accepting the role and spending a little time as the unshakable super soldier helped him conquer anxiety a little bit.

According to Evans, his main coping mechanism, however, is simply telling his brain to calm down. By “shushing” his brain, he exhibits a form of control over his own mental hurdles by accepting that it is there and simply telling it to take a break for a little while.


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4. Kristen Bell

The types of roles that actress Kristen Bell typically takes are those of the extroverted, confident heroine. However, she has also been plagued by the hardships of anxiety and depression since college. Luckily for her, however, she had a strong support system from her family, who encouraged her to seek help for her issues.

With this freedom to seek assistance without the stigma that unfortunately hangs over the concept holding her back, Bell was able to find many coping mechanisms that she has gladly shared with fans over the years. These include simple activities such as meditation, cooking, gardening, conversing with friends and therapists, and rigorous exercises.


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5. Colton Haynes

This young television star has opened up about his mental health struggles several times. Each time he does, he always stresses the importance of seeking help when you need it. According to the actor, he has struggled with anxiety and depression since the 5th grade. In that time, he has discovered that allowing the troubles to go untreated is one of the worst things that a person can do.

He has always encouraged his young fans to reach out and talk to someone, whether they have anxiety themselves, or if they know someone who could use a sympathetic ear, as well.


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6. Ariana Grande

While many people suffer from anxiety at a young age well into adulthood, there are also times when these issues can be triggered initially as an adult. For Ariana Grande, these anxieties were brought to the surface following her harrowing experience when a suicide bomber attacked the arena in which she performing a concert.

Following the incident, Grande developed severe PTSD and anxiety that she had to learn to live with one step at a time. Fortunately, Grande had been in therapy for years before the incident, so she was already familiar with the practices of mental health care.


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7. Sarah Silverman

As a famous comedian, Sarah Silverman’s job is to make life a bit lighter for many people. However, Silverman got a bit more serious when discussing panic attacks in an interview:

“People use ‘panic attack’ very casually out here in Los Angeles, but I don’t think most of them really know what it is. Every breath is labored. You are dying. You are going to die. It’s terrifying.”

Unfortunately, there is no tried and true method that a person can run to when dealing with panic attacks. However, the comedian went on to say that therapy and being properly medicated did have a profound effect on improving her mental health.


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