7 Best Home Remedies for a Clogged Sink

What can you do if you are struggling with a clogged sink? Of course, you could call a plumber for help, and ask them to solve this annoying problem for you. But you could also try a few home remedies for a clogged sink and see if you can clear the clog on your own. Since most home remedies for clogged sinks involve items you probably already have at home, it’s worth a try.

After you have managed to clear your sink clog, try to prevent future clogs by taking just a few precautions. If you don’t already have a sink strainer, get one, and be sure to keep it clean. It should help keep hair, soap scum and debris from going down the drain. And don’t forget to run some hot water after using the sink to help prevent clogs from forming.

Here are seven best home remedies for a clogged sink:

Remedy #1: Use a plunger on your clogged sink

If you have a plunger at home, you might be able to unclog your sink with it. However, if you only have a toilet plunger, it might not work, as the plungers meant for sinks are smaller and have a flat bottom.

To use a plunger, start by removing your sink stopper. Then, add water to the sink, and cover the drain with the base of your plunger. Press down with your plunger to create a seal, then pump it up and down for 20 seconds. Remove the plunger, and check if the sink is still clogged.

Remedy #2: Try to clear the clog with hot water

Another simple home remedy for a clogged sink is to pour hot water down the drain. Depending on clogging your sink, the hot water could clear the clog.

Simply boil some water in a kettle or a pot. Then, slowly pour water down the drain, a little at a time. Wen, you are done, check if the clog has been cleared.

However, if your sink is connected to PVC pipes, it’s best not to try this method as the heat could damage the pipes, especially if you pour the water too quickly. Instead, it’s best to consult a plumber to fix a clogged sink in your home.

Remedy #3: Pour soda down the drain

If hot water doesn’t seem to clear the clog, you could try to dissolve it by pouring some soda down the drain. You don’t have to pour down an entire bottle, as perhaps just a cup of your favourite carbonated drink could do the trick.

After you have poured the soda, wait a few minutes. Then, run some hot water to see if the sink is still clogged or if your problem has been solved.

Remedy #4: Combine baking soda and vinegar

You might already know that baking soda and white vinegar can be combined to create a convenient and eco-friendly household cleaner. The good news is that these products can help unclog sinks!

Simply combine a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar in a bowl, then pour this fizzy mixture down the drain of your clogged sink.

Wait at least 30 minutes before running some hot water to flush out the mixture and, hopefully, to find that your sink isn’t clogged anymore.

Remedy #5: Combine baking soda and salt

Instead of vinegar, you could combine baking soda with table salt to try to clear your clogged sink. Mix half a cup of each product, and pour this powder down the drain.

Wait 30 minutes, then run some hot water to see if the clog has been dissolved or dislodged.

If it did not work, you could boil some water and slowly pour it down the drain. If the baking soda and salt weakened the clog, the hot water should clear it for good.

Remedy #6: Make a handy tool with a wire hanger

Maybe whatever is clogging your sink is not something that can be dissolved by hot water or by a chemical reaction. You could use a wire hanger to make a handy tool that could help you clear the drain of your clogged sink.

Simply unwind the wire hanger, and create a small hook on one end. Insert this small hook down the drain until it can’t go down anymore. Then, shake it around, and try to hook whatever is clogging the drain, so you can bring it back up. Alternatively, you could simply push on the clog to dislodge it, then run hot water to make it go away.

Remedy #7: Get a drain snake

If nothing works, you should get a drain snake called a drain auger or a plumber’s snake. This tool should quickly solve your clogged sink problem, and it can be a good investment if you often have to deal with clogged pipes.

However, if the clog in your sink seems tough, you might want to call a plumber for help instead of buying the kind of tool plumbers frequently use.

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