How to Make Your Vape Juice Taste Better

Smoking your e-cig is all about the experience. You want to enjoy the robust flavour of your juice, right? Creating large clouds of vapour might be an impressive feat; however, maximizing the taste of your e-juice is the primary factor that will enhance your overall vaping encounter.

Did you know that there are over 10,000 taste buds in our mouths? These taste buds can detect five specific types of flavours. Combine this with our sense of smell, and we can distinctly identify over 10,000 distinct aromas! Our combined senses help us identify different foods (and vape flavours) and can significantly impact our mood. It can help calm us down, rev us up and give us energy, or put us in a happy place. This makes getting the most out of your vape juice so important!

Are you ready to take your vaping to the next level? You will want to experience all the flavour your vape juice has to offer. Here is a guide on how to make your vape juice taste better:

1. Reduce your airflow

If you want to get big clouds of vape, then you need to have maximum airflow. However, if you want to get the most out of your e-juice flavour, you need to look at your airflow settings. You will get a much warmer vape with a richer flavour by closing off your airflow.

Just be cautious: the more restricted your airflow is, the hotter the temperature of your vapour. Try playing with different settings to find the right balance that gives you the perfect flavour.

2. Find the right vape wattage

Having a device with variable wattage can be a major benefit in getting the ultimate flavour from your vape. Since your wattage setting determines how hot the coil will get, it plays a significant role in your vape taste. Each e-juice will taste different at different wattage settings, so start low and work your way up. The key is finding the sweet spot where each juice tastes the best.

3. Change your temperature

Different flavours become more prominent at different temperature settings. By adjusting your coil’s settings and limiting its maximum temperatures, you can get stronger, better flavours from your juice. Purchasing specific after-market devices can make temperature regulation much more straightforward.

4. Pick the right vape coil

When it comes to creating a great flavour from your vape, the coil you select will play a significant role. The bore of the atomizer head can mean the difference between a burst of flavour and little flavour at all. When looking at coils, select those that have a smaller size bore. This will give you the most taste from your juice.

5. Check the vape’s wick

Your vape’s wick is a crucial contributing factor to the depth of flavour that you get from your juice. Silica wicks were the norm; however, this material blocks the taste. Cotton wicks have become standard and allow a better flavour flow onto your tastebuds.

There are many different types of cotton wicks that you can explore, such as organic cotton, Japanese cotton, cellucotton, and even a material known as “cotton bacon.” If you’re looking to try something new, you can look into ceramic wicks. This long-lasting wick may be more expensive, but it will withstand more use and create a great flavour profile.

6. Keep the vape clean

The condition of your vape pen will make a difference in the quality of flavour that you get from your juice. Regular maintenance of your tank, coil and wicks will enhance the taste of your liquid and increase your device’s longevity. While you don’t have to wash your tank and change your wick after every flavour change, keep this in mind – your juice will always taste better when your e-cig is fresh.

7. Switch up your vape flavor

It’s easy to fall in love with a vape juice flavour. Many people find themselves gravitating to the same juice over and over again. Unfortunately, these people often experience something called “vaper’s tongue.” This condition happens when your taste buds get used to a particular flavour and tire of it. An easy way to wake up your taste buds again is to occasionally experiment with different flavours. Next time you stock up on juice, try something completely unusual and see how much flavour you experience.

8. Buy high-quality vape juice

This last tip probably says that you get what you pay for. Cheap, poor-quality juice will taste like cheap, poor-quality juice. If you want to get maximum flavour when you vape, go with well-known, trusted e-juice brands. These companies know what it takes to make a strong flavour profile and will taste better than lower-quality juices.

If you want to get the most out of your vaping experience, it’s time to turn up the flavour. Vaping will become much more enjoyable when stimulating your taste buds with exciting and exotic flavours. By learning how to make minor adjustments to your e-cig and being mindful of the juice you buy, you will be able to savour every flavorful puff.

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