6 Tips on How to Decorate a Living Room with Wood Floors

Wood is a renewable resource that is used across several industries, including the building and construction industry. Although hardwood grows slowly, it is one of the best materials for floors. The beauty, sheen, colour and practicality of wood floors make them simply radiant in living rooms.

Among the type of wood floors you are most likely to come across is solid wood, reclaimed wood, salvaged wood, bamboo, palm wood, coconut timber and engineered floors. You would think that finding the perfect decorations to go with your wooden floor is a daunting, if not impossible, especially if you’re seeking to decorate your living room. That is not the case.

There are simple, cost-effective ways you can decorate your living room to give it a warm, welcoming and relaxed feel while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Here are six tips on how to decorate a living room with wood floors:

1. Choose the right living room colours

Colour will play a big role in how you decorate a living room with wood floors. Based on how calm or bold you want your living space to appear, you can choose an undertone that rhymes with your wall colours and the room’s overall design, from yellow to red, and even ash gray. If you are unsure what colour to use in your living room, go for a neutral paint shade because it pairs well with all wood undertones.

Neutral walls also allow you to use different tones in the rugs, curtains or any other accessories you may want to use. You get to personalize your living space without having to worry about colour clashing. If you love colour, spice up the room by choosing an equivalent wall colour with similar undertones to the wooden floor.

For example, complement golden-toned wood with butter-yellow walls. For wood with red undertones, choose wine or burgundy painted walls. Wall colours that contrast with the wooden floors are ideal for dramatic decorations. To get the right fit, start by determining the wood’s undertone, then search for a shade that’s the complete opposite.

2. Decorate with different colour intensities

Now that you have settled on the wall colour that best matches your wooden floor look at the intensity of the colours. If you want the wood floor to stand out, make sure the wall shade is of different intensity. Case in point; if your living room has beautiful, dark mahogany flooring, a light gold or peach wall shade would be a great accompaniment.

3. Use similar wood for the floors, walls & ceilings

If simplicity is what you want, consider using the same type of wood for the floor, two sides of the walls and ceiling trusses in your living room. This creates a comfortable space, looks sophisticated, and is easy to maintain. Complete the look by adding furniture that matches that particular wood tone in your living room.

Rich dark woods, for instance, blend beautifully with cream-coloured furniture. Depending on your home’s structure, you can also match the stairs with the rest of your living room. There are plenty of stylish choices on how to decorate a living room with wood floors.

4. Match the living room accessories with the wood floors

Speaking of furniture, let’s look at how you can add a bit of taste and style to your living room using different accessories. If your living room contains natural hardwood floors, you can get yourself some cozy leather furniture together with a matching pair of rugs. A fireplace made of neutral-hued river rock would also be a great accompaniment to a rich brown hardwood floor.

Remember to check if the colours and colour intensities go well with the design of the entire room. Alternatively, you could opt for shades of lively, fun colours such as green and yellow, and patterned curtains. This adds a dash of sophistication if you want to decorate the living room elegantly to match your wood floors.

In other cases, you may altogether forgo the whole idea of having traditional chairs and instead have a large corner window seat with a great unobstructed view of the outdoors. This might come in handy, particularly when you want to host a cocktail party or any other similar event. Get rid of all the furniture and let your shiny wooden floors stand out!

5. Adopt an open living room concept

Contrary to common belief, open-concept rooms are not as challenging to furnish and decorate. You can use gleaming hardwood floors or any other simple colour palette to make your space appear more attractive.

Also, open up your living room by having more floor-to-ceiling windows and fewer walls. As the light gets in, it brightens up the room and causes hardwood floors to change colour. It is also recommended that you desist from adding too many room furnishings as they draw attention away from the room’s shiny hardwood floors.

6. Decorate your living room with artwork

A simple piece of wall artwork can be used to decorate your living room with wood floors. Besides reinforcing the warm and relaxed feel of the living space, it also adds a pop of colour and is visually appealing. Be sure to keep the artwork as simple as possible to avoid overwhelming the space.

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