7 Cool Bedroom Furniture for Your Master Bedroom

It goes without saying that home is where the heart is. In spite of this, sometimes the heart could use a spark to jolt some new life into it. This is especially true when it comes to furniture in your bedroom. Although you may age like fine wine, some pieces of furniture don’t, impeding on the bedroom’s appeal.

Your bedroom shouldn’t just be a space to get dressed in or fall asleep in. It should be evocative of your personality and character. When it comes to cool bedroom furniture, choose pieces that are customized to your tastes, and it will flourish visually when all pieces have been arranged accordingly.

If you’re looking to reignite some flair into your bedroom, here are seven cool bedroom furniture for your master bedroom:

1. Corner Bed


A commonplace idea for most people is to place their bed into the middle of their room. Not only does this obstruct space that can be used for other minimal pieces of furniture, it also appears dreadful. Correct this small mistake by tucking a proportionately-sized bed against a nearby wall or corner.

This cool bedroom furniture gives the appearance of a sleek aesthetic that is complimented by a feeling of coziness. To further enhance this effect, you might opt to add in a headboard corner system. The occupying space will have a true designer-like finish as a result.

2. Cool Bed Frame

The newly minted corner bed does not have to end with just being moved into a corner. Applying a slim headboard can seriously amplify the appeal of how the overall bedroom looks. A contemporary, modern bedframe replacing your standard bedframe will give it an extremely luxurious look.

If you want to use the bedroom furniture to create a lavish look, a Hollywood-style bed frame will do the job. This type of frame supports the bottom of the bed and proportionately matches the perimeter of the mattress. For further effect, decorate the space above the bed with minimal pieces of art.

3. Chic Mirror

As the bed is the most synonymous with the bedroom, so too is the mirror. However, most people are not aware that the mirror can be placed in a way that contributes to the overall style of the bedroom. Instead of just getting your standard mirror, position one near your window so it reflects natural light into the room.

If you want to seriously give your room that designer finish, get yourself a full-length standing mirror. Lean this cool bedroom furniture up against your wall and secure it with some small pieces of tacky. The bedroom will ultimately transform into a studio-like space!

4. Floating Shelves

A prototypical shelf in this day and age can be seen as inherently boring. However, like most pieces of bedroom furniture, it has been updated to take into account its aesthetic as well as its function. Add a couple of these slightly above the headboard of the bed to complete this section of your bedroom.

Floating shelves can also be adapted to hold anything without disturbing the design of bedroom. For example, you may opt to use one as a bookcase, while others may be used as a nightstand replacement or hold contemporary accessories. Get creative!

5. Throw Pillows

When taken into consideration, color plays a huge factor in the overall visual appeal of any room. As it pertains to your bedroom, if you want to have one standard colour, throw some colorful pillows in as well. This will add a neat splash effect, making it appear vibrant but just as modernized.

If you’re going with the same universal white color, for example, add in some red and orange throw pillows to your bed. Mix and match the colors and contrasts to your heart’s content; they make for great visual additives. This cool bedroom furniture is also fairly inexpensive, so you’ll be thanking your inner interior designer as well as your wallet!

6. Lighting

When natural light emanating from your window is out of the question, you’ll have to resort to a secondary source. Thankfully, most modernized sources don’t have to look dull on the exterior. When taking into consideration the “cool” factor for your light source, it really just depends on what you find to be pleasing.

Some people may opt to go for a luxurious chandelier hanging from the middle of the ceiling, while others prefer sleek string lights that add to a minimalistic aesthetic. The choice is yours, which is not something that is readily applicable to other pieces of bedroom furniture!

7. Wall Art

Want to further transform your bedroom into a chic, artsy space? Look no further than actual pieces of art. If you’re staying consistent with a minimalist style, a few tiny pieces of wall art will contribute to the elegance that is present. Try going for art in a 3×5 or similar size for optimal effect; the smaller, the cooler.

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