The 8 Best Beauty YouTubers Around the World

If you enjoy looking your best, you may want to wear makeup. These days, you will have a wide variety of makeup to choose from. Many of these cosmetic products are top quality. However, it’s tough to distinguish between the best beauty products, so you may have to turn to online reviews for help.

Luckily, there are so many makeup YouTubers who are talking about beauty and cosmetics online. If you’re looking to up your makeup game, you may want to subscribe to one of these best beauty gurus on YouTube.

Here are the 8 best makeup YouTubers you should follow:

1. Tati

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, the chances are relatively high that you may have heard about a famous makeup YouTuber named Tati. This is one of the most popular beauty gurus on YouTube that loves all things makeup.

She started her channel in 2011 and has captured the hearts and eyes of her viewers since. Regardless if you’re looking to try a high-end brand of makeup or a drugstore mascara, she’s the gal for you.

2. Desi Perkins

One of the best makeup YouTubers these days is Desi Perkins. This lady loves trying a variety of makeup looks and sharing these with her audience.

Desi has been doing videos since 2013 and typically does one a week. There’s little doubt that she has found her calling and could be in the right business.

3. Casey Holmes

The younger crowd loves this famous makeup Youtuber called Casey Holmes. She has the looks and the personality to attract the attention of all ages.

This beauty guru typically does one video per week and has been at this job since 2012. If you’re looking for the latest and the most fabulous makeup trends, she is the one for you!

4. Carli Bybel

If you’re a makeup fanatic, the chances are very high you may have purchased a Carli Bybel product. This amazing makeup YouTuber not only sells makeup, but she makes cosmetics as well. Some of her highest sellers may be her amazing eyeshadow collection that is likely to stop traffic. If not, it’s possible the highlighters will undoubtedly attract the most attention ever.

Carli still enjoys doing her makeup videos and does one per week. She’s been in this industry since 2011, and she sure knows what she’s doing.

5. Bretman Rock

Not all makeup stars are female when it comes to the popular YouTube channel. You may be surprised of the many male makeup artists that know how to help you look better.

Bretman Rock is only 17 years old and this makeup YouTuber has taken the video platform by storm. He’s likely to be one of the most watched males on this channel! He has been at this for only a few years and does two videos a month. However, he’s one to watch if you love wearing makeup.

6. Marlena Steel

If you’re looking for either a classic or a new makeup look, you may want to take a glance at Marlena Steel’s videos. There’s little doubt that you won’t be ready to learn something new and fast. This lady truly knows her stuff when it comes to makeup. She’s a huge believer in cruelty-free cosmetics and may be one of best there is on this topic.

Marlena has been doing videos for many years now and started in 2008. She does about three videos a month and is likely to the one you’ll want to view.

7. Olivia Jade

Olivia is a lovely lady that doesn’t only discuss makeup but also loves talking about style and fashion. You may even learn about a new outfit that makes you feel fabulous.

The chances of upping your makeup game are many when you watch this beauty. Olivia has been in this business since 2014 and typically does two videos per week.

8. Amanda Ensing

It’s likely that Amanda may tell you there’s just never enough makeup. She loves the more drastic looks and can pull together almost any makeup look there is. You can find Amana on YouTube about two times weekly, and she started in 2012. You have to enjoy the wide variety of looks this amazing lady loves to share.

There are many you may want to duplicate for an everyday look or for that special occasion. It’s for sure Amanda will guide you through each step of the way. From putting on your primer to spritzing your finishing spray, you’ll have all the levels!

Taking time to make the most of your day may involve wearing cosmetics, following skincare regimes, or possibly getting cosmetic treatments and beauty enhancements. There are many to choose from, and you’re sure to want the best of the best. Fortunately, you can learn a wide variety of looks that can take you from the boardroom to a night out on the town. Just tune in and take a long gander at what these professionals have to share. You’ll be glad you did when you swiftly find your makeup game is one that’s being complimented daily!

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