10 Dream Vacation Spots in the World

Are you thinking of taking a well-earned vacation? That is great. But are you stumped on where to go? Well, that is a problem that most people wish they had. That said, there are plenty of destinations to visit.

Some dream vacation spots are on everyone’s list, while other vacation spots are new to you and others. So, grab your passport, get your ticket, and pack your bags because we’re traveling to several cities that everyone needs to see before you get on through to the other side.

Here are 10 dream vacation spots in the world:

1. Venice, Italy

There are two dream vacation spots in the world that afford you the opportunity of escaping to another civilization and travel to the past. Everything one of these cities is truly from the past and if there is one place you need to see on this planet it is Venice, Italy.

As the saying goes, “See Venice and die.”

Venice offers you a tremendous experience, though there are better times than others. Summer is the busiest season, and the locals cannot stand the behaviour of certain tourists. The autumn and winter are typically less crazy – and in February is the Carnival of Venice! If you only travel to one place in this world, then make it Venice.

2. Paris, France

The second city that gives you a majestic adventure is Paris, France. Although it has adapted to modern times, the city itself is still stuck in the past – and that’s a good thing! The architecture, the landscapes, and the old iconic cafes. Indeed, you can sometimes feel that you have traveled back to the magical 1920s Paris. That is, of course, until you see everyone whipping out their smartphones.

So, if there is one other place in this world that you need to visit before you kick the bucket, make it Paris.

3. Bruges, Belgium

Bruges has been on the map for hundreds of years. But it didn’t make it to The Map until it was the star of a 2008 motion picture, titled “In Bruges.” It is a small town that is big on charm, thanks to the wonderful scenery that is heightened by the buildings, castles, and churches. Beautiful is too weak of a word to describe Bruges, but if you happen to be passing by Belgium, then you can find a better word.

4. Peru

Are you a fan of the “Ancient Aliens” series on the History network? Have you ever read Erich von Daniken’s “Chariots of the Gods”? If so, you are likely aware of Peru as one of the dream vacation spots, from the ancient civilization to the Lines of Nazca. So, should you be a history buff and enjoy South American culture, then Peru is a destination to think about.

5. Vienna, Austria

Gorgeous architecture, delectable opera houses, classical music, terrific landscapes, and so much history. There is a lot that can be said about Vienna, Austria. It is truly a marvelous city to visit. Like Paris and Venice, it invokes that old-world charm that makes you want to hop on a horse carriage and visit the nearest concert hall and grab a Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart symphony.

6. Clearwater, Florida

As you get older, you just want to relax in one of the dream vacation spots.

After decades of hustle and bustle – work, school, kids, and adult responsibilities – you just want to let loose, have a good time, and unleash all your stress. Hey, you’ve earned it. So, perhaps venturing halfway around the world isn’t for you, or walking throughout cities is not something you’re interested in.

OK, fine. Can we offer you sandy beaches, blue water, and warm temperatures? Now we’re talkin’!

Clearwater, Florida offers one of the most beautiful beaches in the United States and perhaps the world. Clearwater Beach is that beach you’ve longed for and thought was impossible. You could spend an entire day on that beach and never want to leave. It’s a sight for the eyes.

7. Death Valley or Oymiakon

Tired of the everyday grind? Looking for some romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? We offer you … Death Valley, California or Oymiakon, Siberia.

What a contrast!

So, why should you visit these places if you’re a first-time travel, but long-time adventure seeker?

Well, Death Valley is the hottest jurisdiction on the planet, averaging nearly 40 degrees Celsius every day, topping 20 degrees in the evening. Oymiakon, meanwhile, is the coldest town you will ever come across. Why? It averages around -67 degrees Celsius. As “60 Minutes Australia” recently said in a broadcast, if it rises to -55 degrees, then it will be a good day.

8. Tibet

Do you want to tap into your spiritual side? Tibet is where you need to go.

The mountains, the places of worship, the people you meet, and the overall feeling of tranquility. Tibet is able to mix nature with spirituality – these two are already intertwined, some might say – without being in your face and overbearing. You can learn more by going to Tibet instead of reading “The Tao Te Ching” or “The Book of the Dead.”

9. Hawaii

Known as one of the classic dream vacation spots, Hawaii has everything you want in an exotic destination: The volcanos, the beaches, the warm temperatures, the beaches, and the people. It is a platter that offers you a little bit of everything. When you want the benefits of sandy beaches and blue water, but you also yearn for some excitement, then Hawaii is where you will want to go.

10. Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is that Shangri La history has told us about, the fictional land of peace and perpetual youth. Although it is better known as the place where George Clooney stays, Lake Como is more like paradise. It’s never too hot and it’s never too cold. The sun is always shining, the locals are friendly, and the landscapes are too die for. And, if just relaxing in your villa with a glass of wine isn’t your thing, then you can always go windsurfing, kitesurfing, and sailing. There is so much to do in Lake Como.

Let’s face it: For most people, traveling is the No. 1 thing they want to do in life. Unfortunately, the realities of life prevent us from doing so, whether it is the responsibilities of family or having to do a job you don’t like to put groceries on the table. That said, this isn’t forever, so when you get the opportunity, be sure to travel, see the world, and have fun. If you don’t visit any of these dream vacation spots – or, perhaps you have some of your own – you will regret it.

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