Let’s Get the Show on the Road: 6 Essentials of a Party Limousine

Your special event is coming up and what greater way to travel in style than renting a limousine? You have someone to drive you around in style, you have space to get comfortable, and you can enjoy many luxuries that a normal vehicle does not offer. To get to this step, however, there are other factors to take into account to ensure your limousine experience is a pleasurable one.

1. Check reviews

Online reviews are extremely helpful because they are written by people who have actually used the service. The reviews are usually unbiased so you can count on them being reliable. Read reviews on limousine companies you are considering and hire one that has at least a 4-star rating. Specifically look for comments regarding cleanliness, driver, condition of the limo, cost, and any issues with dealing with the company directly.

2. Consider the size of your party

While limousines are comfortable and spacious, you need to consider the size of your party to ensure you are not cramped. Most limo companies usually offer six, eight, or ten-passenger cars so be certain to get a car big enough to fit everyone. Obviously the price of the limo depends on the car size but if you can afford it, don’t be afraid to get a car a little bigger than your party size. This will allow a higher degree of comfort for everyone.

3. What amenities do you need?

All limos may look the same, but some have different luxuries than others. You want to make sure the limo you rent has what you need or else you will end up in a glorified taxicab. Do you anticipate having to wait in traffic? Get a limo that has a good sound system and television for some entertainment. Travelling to multiple destinations? Make sure your limo has drinks, glasses, and a fridge to keep everything cool. Be cautious of any beverages in the car provided by the limo company. They may add the cost of these to your final bill.

4. Preview the actual limo before hiring

Never assume the limo is good enough before paying a deposit or the full amount to rent it. Make an appointment with the limo company to see the exact car that you will be hiring. Any reputable company will allow you to do this. Make sure the car is in acceptable condition and routinely cleaned. Check that it has all amenities you need. To save money you may request to rent an older model of car, but go see it first to make sure it is not better-suited for the wrecking yard.

5. Check into the company

You want to have fun on your special night but you also want to ensure the safety of you and your party. Ask to see safety and driving records of the company. Make sure the company is fully licensed and insured and remember that the insurance should cover the vehicle and all passengers. Ask to meet the driver who will be your chauffeur to ensure he is trained, experienced, licensed, and personable.

6. Budget for additional costs

When you are looking to rent a limo, remember that the price that you find is not the final price you will end up paying. Depending on where you are going, you may be obligated to pay highway tolls and parking fees. You are also responsible for paying fuel costs so when you are booking the limo, tell the company where you are going so they can factor in the approximate fuel fees. You also need to budget for driver gratuities which will be automatically added to your final bill. Don’t be afraid to negotiate the price with the company; you have nothing to lose by doing this.

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