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What Hairstyle Are You: 5 Hair Colours to Match Your Personality

Are you ready for your next salon appointment to be your best one yet? This guide will walk you through the basics of determining which hair color best fits your personality, skin tone, face shape, and more to give you your most beautiful and confidence inspiring results yet.

Whether you’re looking for something new, just want to update your look, or are dying to replicate the latest trends you saw on your favorite beauty website, the professionals at Tony Shamas Hair & Laser Salon are here to make your appointment go right so you feel beautiful, fresh, and so brand new. If you’re ready for a hair makeover, read on.

1. Red Heads

It’s hard to argue that a woman with red hair isn’t thought of as a rare entity. A woman who rocks red hair is a rockstar in her own life. She’s confident, beautiful, and unique. She likes to have fun and is adventurous in her endeavors. The brighter the shade of red a woman is rocking, the more fiery the personality! If you’re all about expressing yourself, red could be right for you.

2. Blondes

It’s hard to group this colour family into a category, as different personality types and skin tones will complement shades of blonde differently. Platinum blonde looks demand attention. Often thought of as a rare shade, it’s hard to look away from a woman wearing this shade of blonde well. Warmer hues are reflected best among women with soft or bombshell features. Typically, women who wear their hair with warmer blonde tones are thought of as innocent, but silly and fun. Blonde is sexy, period. You can’t help but be sociable wearing a shade of blonde.

3. Brunettes

Typically, women who have brunette shades on the lighter end of the spectrum are thought of as being very intelligent, calm, and witty in their demeanor. If you’re more serious and feel natural in your own skin as a brunette, a chocolate brown hue could be right for you. Brunette babes aren’t background noise, though. They’re thought of as figures for good judgment and adaptability.

4. Raven Beauties

Shades of midnight are hard to pull off for most women. We’re not all Snow White looking for the seven dwarves, but there’s no doubt that women who can pull it off give the illusion of mystery and intrigue. If you’re more artistic and introverted, a deep shade of brunette might be just up your alley.

5. Highlights, Balyage, or Ombre

These looks are perfect for women who love change. If you are constantly changing your hair and are often called a trendsetter amongst your friends, highlights, balayage, or ombre could be just the thing you need in your life to jazz up the season. Women who go for these looks don’t like being too comfortable for too long.

Are you ready to book your next appointment? Your next amazing Instagram post might just be a salon appointment away! Book an appointment today and be on your way to getting your best color yet.

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