Wear It Everywhere: 6 Promotional Perks of Branded Tote Bags

When it comes to promoting your business, you have endless PR, marketing, and advertising options available to choose from. Some work better than others, while some may be more relevant for your brand than others. If you’ve considered branded products as part of your promotional strategy, there are some smart reasons why you should zero in on tote bags to promote your brand.

1. They’ll Grow Your Brand Awareness

Finding a great strategy for your brand to reach more people can be difficult. Give away pens and they may just stay in recipients’ drawers for their lifetime. Give away mouse pads and they will likely stay in the recipients’ offices, hidden away from public view. Tote bags, on the other hand, are meant to be moved around from place to place. Your leads, prospects, customers, and even employees will use them to go shopping, to carry their lunches, and more. They’ll use them in the office, around town, at the shopping mall, and in their neighbourhoods.

What this means for you is that hundreds of people are going to see your tote bag. Place your logo front and centre so it attracts the attention of passersby. You may even want to consider adding your contact information or URL to the bag as well.

2. They’ll Help You Stay on Budget

Of course, regardless of the size of your company or organization, you have a marketing budget that you need to stick to. Many marketing and advertising initiatives can be too expensive to even consider, such as TV spots and radio ads. Promotional tote bags, on the other hand, are a cost-effective way to share your brand with the world. Plus, the more you buy, the lower your cost! If you’re on a tight marketing budget, promotional tote bags are a great choice.

3. It’s Marketing Your Audience Can Touch

Of course, people love to get free things, but that’s not the only reason you should create a physical item to give away. Handing out marketing your prospects and clients can touch will help them better remember the item—and your brand. This is drastically different from digital ads, which users often forget the moment they leave the page. Not only will people remember the moment they were handed the bag, but they’ll continue to remember your brand as they reuse the tote bag.

4. You Can Add Things Inside

Tote bags are great promotional items you can give away on their own. But, alternatively, you can also use them to place other marketing materials inside. You can add your brochure, magazine, or stickers inside. Magnets, keychains, and posters are other great items. The tote bag can hold anything else you want to give away.

5. They’re Practical and Functional

One of the reasons tote bags are top promotional items is that they are often used and reused. While your recipients may not look at your brochure or catalogue everything, they will likely continue to reuse your branded tote bag for months or even years to come. That’s because it’s such a practical item that everyone has a use for, making the tote bag a powerful branding tool. Every time your recipients reuse the bag, they remember your brand again and again, increasing brand recall tenfold.

6. Be Eco-Friendly

Finally, tote bags enable you to promote your business in an eco-friendly way. This is especially important for environmental companies, but it’s also a good idea for companies in any industry, particularly those with green initiatives. Saving the environment is becoming increasingly important to customers, and your recipients will surely notice and appreciate your commitment to being eco-friendly.

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