Temporary Home: 5 Best Tips to Enjoy Your Short-Term Rental Experience

Sometimes, a job may take you temporarily to a new place, such as a new city or new province. You know that you will be back, but where would you live? If you have no relatives or friends there, one great idea to consider would be a short-term rental. Thanks to the Internet, short-term rentals have increased in popularity for all kinds of reasons. The nice thing about a short-term rental is that your new place becomes your home away from home.

Unless you’re loaded, staying in a hotel might not be an ideal solution. A short-term place will give you comfort and privacy and is also affordable. You can even personalize it. Here are some tips to get a good deal to make the whole experience a positive one.

1. Plan Early

Unless it was an emergency move with little time to prepare, planning early will not only reduce your anxiety, but it can help you save money too. In fact, the earlier you start planning, the better the deals. This increases the chances of finding the ideal place since you won’t be competing with others at the eleventh hour.

2. Location

Anything to do with real estate always has location at the top of the list. The location of your new living quarters will have a great bearing on your whole experience. Short-term rental demands have grown and apartment and condo owners are offering their places for rent. If money is an issue, you could stay in a city with cheaper housing options.

However, make sure it is relatively easy to get to the place (or places) you will be frequenting. You need to check if public transport is easy and convenient. You may also want to find out if walking around to certain places is convenient.

3. The Amenities

You want to be as comfortable as possible and have certain amenities available that suits your budget. Not all apartments or condos are created equally. If you have a place in mind, find out if they have swimming pools or gyms if these things are important to you and if it suits your budget. This way, you will feel comfortable and at home and you won’t skip a beat from the moment you arrive.

4. Hidden Fees?

Always be wary of this because you don’t want any shocks that will ruin your stay. Find out if it’s all-inclusive and that everything is discussed with the owner and you get something in writing. Before you arrive, the property should be cleaned, however, if you stay for more than a week, you could have to pay for some cleaning charges.

5. Read The Contract More Than Once

Before you sign the contract, make sure to read it in its entirety if possible, then read it again. There are many people who, in their excitement just sign the contract without even reading it. Don’t let this be you as well. Remember, once you sign it, you are basically saying that you agree with it. That means you’re saying you’re fine with the payment schedule, the amenities, security and housekeeping. If you don’t skip any part and fully understand, perhaps you may be in a position to do some negotiation.

If you can, get to know the owner. Familiarize yourself with the rules. Be aware of any rules regarding smoking and pets. Find out as much as you can and your stay will be smoother and more enjoyable.

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