Stylish Attire: 8 Best Features of Leather Clothes

Leather has been used for hundreds of years to make both clothes and accessories, such as leather jackets, leather shoes, or even leather briefcases. It’s a wonderful material that is long-lasting, comfortable, and is also fashionable. If you have chosen to buy a new briefcase, there are many reasons you might want to choose one made of leather, such as style, durability, eco-mindedness, strength, flexibility, value, and smell. Read on to learn many of the benefits of leather, and just a few disadvantages you might want to consider.

1. Stylish

As a fabric, leather is timeless. Leather items are always in style, even many years after their design. Leather can by stylishly classic or cutting-edge chic. No other material can match the look of leather. Whether dyed or in its natural state, leather always adds quality to the design. Everything looks better in leather: wallets, purses, briefcases, bags, and pants

2. Durable

Leather is supremely durable, which makes it particularly desirable if you plan on using the item on a regular basis and want it to last a long time. Taken care of properly, a leather briefcase will last you many years to come. Unlike items made from synthetic materials, leather doesn’t have to be washed or re-dyed to keep it in top condition. At most, you might have to rub some leather conditioner on it, depending on the type of leather you choose.

3. Natural and Eco-Friendly

Made from animal hides, leather requires no petrochemicals to manufacture, unlike plastics and other materials like vinyl. Leather appeals to the person interested in environmental conservation both because it is a natural substance and because by way of lasting so long, produces far less waste than other, less durable briefcases that must be replaced so often.

4. Strong

Many adverse conditions that would attack other materials are no match for leather. Your leather briefcase can withstand dust, dirt, moisture, dust mites, fungi, and dry abrasion. It takes quite a lot to damage leather beyond repair; in fact, leather looks better as it ages, unlike vinyl and other materials, that just look damaged and old. Spills can be wiped off easily with a damp cloth, unlike with other fabrics that would be otherwise stained and ruined.

5. Flexible

Your leather item will become more soft, supple, and flexible over time because of the nature of the material. This will cause you to cherish it even more.

6. Value

You might think leather is expensive, but when you consider that a slightly higher price at purchase will translate into an investment that will give you years of service and last a lifetime. Unlike other materials, leather seems to be one of the few that will stay forever in fashion.

7. Smell

There’s nothing quite like the smell of a quality leather product. Unlike bags and briefcases made of synthetic materials that exude a bad or chemical odour, leather smells natural and sweet.

8. Few Disadvantages

There are very few disadvantages to choosing leather as a material for your accessories. First off, leather options when it comes to pattern and colour are somewhat limited compared to those with fabric. Second, if you are choosing leather furniture, it can be cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer because it is more sensitive to fluctuations in temperature compared to fabric.

Finally, there is the cost. Yes, the price you pay will make up for itself in how long you own the item, but unless you have a significant amount of money to spend upfront, leather might be out of your reach. Finally, leather can stretch and develop stretch marks over a long period of time. On lighter coloured leather this can look quite unbecoming.

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