So Suave: 7 Special Occasions to Wear a Leather Jacket

Leather jackets will never go out of style. That is a fact. Fashions come and go, but there is nothing quite as cool as a leather motorcycle jacket. They have been worn over the decades by celebrities, stuntmen, heads of state, punk bands, and beauty queens.

There is, however, some debate on how you wear the leather jacket. There are many different ways that you can complete an outfit when wearing a leather jacket. Let’s take a look at them now.

1. Old school cool

The simple classic look of a white t-shirt, jeans and a black leather jacket can be pulled off by almost anyone. There is no reason why you shouldn’t feel comfortable in this tried and tested ensemble. You’ll have to go a long way to find someone who doesn’t recognize this look as demonstrating confidence and class.

2. You don’t need to go full leather

You don’t need to go full leather for your jacket if you want to stay a little on the preppy side. Some jackets are designed to have just the sleeves as leather and you can wear this style of leather jacket to almost any event. This type of jacket is often paired with a crisp shirt and slacks for a more mature and presentable style.

3. Coloured leather is worth looking at

You don’t need to think that you only have black as an option for your leather jacket. You should feel free to experiment with a wide variety of colours and styles. Be warned that the reason that the black leather jacket is so popular is that the colour goes with everything. If you choose a red leather jacket that looks good with your favourite t-shirt then great! Just bear in mind that it may not be something that you can wear day to day.

4. Add some layers

Leather jackets look great, but they’re often not designed to be worn through the winter. If you’re looking for a way to stay looking good through the colder seasons then you may want to consider adding a sweatshirt underneath your jacket. A plain grey hoodie can work really well for a nice casual look.

5. Nice and worn

One of the best things about a leather jacket is that it can take a bit of a beating. They last for many years and will only build more and more character as you own them. A brand new leather jacket can often look fake as there are no creases that highlight the unique texture of the hide. You may even find that over time you start to love your jacket more and more as you wear it throughout your life. You should still make sure that you take care of the jacket of course, but remember, these things are made well, and they’re made to last.

6. Formal events

If you have a nice leather jacket that has clean lines, then you should feel comfortable at a semi-formal event. You can wear a nice clean white shirt underneath and slacks. To be able to pull this look off you need to make sure that your jacket is not too old or worn and that it does not have too many metal buttons or buckles. This style can be tricky to pull off so you will need to be careful. When successful though, it is a real crowd pleaser.

7. On an adventure

There is a reason why Indiana Jones and Magnum PI wear leather. It’s not just because it looks cool, it’s because it is durable. If you are planning a trip around the world and plan to get into some adventures along the way, a nice leather jacket can be a great companion.

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