Novelty Gift: 7 Ways to Customize a DNA Testing Kit as a Lovely Present

A DNA testing kit can make a very special gift. They will give someone a real sense of intrigue and answer many questions that they have about themselves. Not only that but they are a lot of fun as well. They’re unique, interactive, personal, and fun.

There is a challenge that comes from giving a DNA testing kit. You are essentially giving them a box and a plastic tube. While the end result will be fantastic and potentially life-changing the gift itself can be a little underwhelming. So, how do you make this wonderful gift and take it to the next level?

1. Make them do the test right away

Yes, that’s right, you’re going to make them spit in a tube in front of everyone. As they do this you can explain some of the things that they can expect from the results of the test and make sure that everyone knows just how incredible a gift like this truly is.

2. Take the sample and say that you will post it off right away!

This saves them a trip to the post office and you will, of course, be helping them to get the results of the test much sooner than when they could fit a trip the post office into their busy schedules.

3. Invite them to dinner 8 weeks from now

Why 8 weeks? This is how long it takes for you to get the results back from the test. By inviting them to dinner you are putting a date in the calendar for them to meet up with you and share the results of the test, This can be a great way to remind them that they have something really exciting to look forward to. Also, who doesn’t want to be taken out for a free dinner?

4. Include a map in the gift

This can help them when they start to examine the results if they find that they are 1% from s region in the world that they have never heard of it would be nice if they have a map that is easy to hand that they can quickly check where in the world they are from. A map or atlas can help reinforce the real power of the gift that you are giving to them and the huge implications that it entails.

5. Give them a small tree as a gift

This can be small and something as simple as a potted plant provided that it looks like a traditional family tree this can be a nice visual aid that they can place in their home or even plant outside. This tree can be symbolic of the new family tree that they can start to build in their mind’s eye as they discover more and more about themselves.

6. Get one for yourself

This can be a fun thing to do as a pair. If you say that you have got yourself a kit that will make the 8 weeks that you both spend waiting for the results even more exciting. When you meet up for dinner you will both have something to share and the conversation won’t stop. Not even for a second.

7. Ask them to write out a prediction

The really fun part of these kits is the surprises. You never know what you may find. Your friend will probably have a few ideas about where their family is from. By writing down where in the world they think they’re from and then bringing it to your dinner date you can see just how right or wrong you really are.

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