Let’s Get This Party Started: 5 Unique Items for a Fun & Memorable Party

You finally set the date for you or your loved one’s birthday party. As you think about the reception you want to add a few things to make the party unique and entertaining for all.

Whether the person who the party is being held for will be turning 5 or 95, there are many options available to add some zest and enjoyment to the party to make it exceptional and memorable for everyone. Below are some ideas to consider for your special event rentals.

1. Photo booth

Photo booths are becoming increasingly popular because they give guests the opportunity to get pictures taken with other party attendees. The photo booth rentals are simple to set up and can be rented for a set amount of hours or for the duration of the party. They are easy to use and are an attraction for party guests young and old. Graphics and backgrounds are customizable and can be chosen to suit your party perfectly.

The booths offer high quality photos instantly, allows guests to take photos home, and the hosts receive a CD with all pictures taken by their guests to keep or share with guests at a later date.

2. Bouncers

While bounce castles and houses are better suited to children’s parties, they can still be considered for adult parties to keep guests’ children busy and entertained. Bouncers are a great way to keep children occupied by providing an atmosphere to jump, slide, and climb with friends. They are inspected and put together by rental companies and are equipped with inflatable rails and posts allowing occupants to remain safe while using it. Bouncers keep children entertained for hours and provide a great opportunity to have fun and participate in some physical activity at the same time. Adult guests can socialize knowing their children are in safe environment and getting some exercise.

3. Arcade games

Arcade games are a great attraction at parties for children and adults who love opportunities to re-live some of their younger days. They are popular because of their variety guarantees to appeal to every type of guest that attends the party. Music-related games are available for people who like to sing, dance and move around. Puzzle and trivia games are popular with middle-aged crowds who like to be challenged. Sports and educational games will stimulate the younger guests and allow for some healthy competition. Video games will encourage participation and will allow guests to network and meet new people by playing them.

4. Refreshment machines

Refreshment machines are a great option because they keep your guests well-fed and entertained. Snow-cones are fun to make at any age and will keep attendees refreshed and cool on hot days. Cotton candy machines give your party a carnival feel and are a popular treat for people young and old. Popcorn machines offer a healthy snack to your guests and produces delicious popcorn quickly to meet the demands of everyone. Refreshment machines are easy to operate, ensuring you are up and running and providing popular refreshments in no time at all.

5. Magician

Another option to entertain attendees young and old is hiring a magician. Many people enjoy magic and the idea of it being present at a party brings out a lot of excitement in party guests. A magic show can promote using one’s imagination and inspires creativity in children. A magician will keep people occupied and the ability of guests to engage with the magician during the performance will make the experience personable and even more special. Even those who do not buy into magic will find themselves mesmerized by the magician’s performance.

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