Higher Learning: 5 Exciting Job Opportunities from Your Masters of Education

If you’re thinking about getting a Masters of Education, you may be wondering what job opportunities will be available to you. Fortunately, getting a Masters of Education doesn’t limit you to only working in school environments. Here are five different career paths you can pursue with your Masters of Education.

1. School Principal/Administrator

As a principle, you’re responsible for planning the curricula for schools, managing budgets and meeting with parents and the community to discuss goals for the school. School administrators help schools make long-term decisions such as what books and other educational tools to invest in.

As a principal, it’s up to you to create a positive enrolment where teachers and students can flourish. You’ll be making decisions that will help motivate and inspire your students to love learning. If you truly want to make a difference in the lives of young children, being a principal gives you a great opportunity do so. 

2. Corporate Trainer

Corporate training is an excellent way to use your Master of Education if you prefer to work in a corporate environment. If you want to be a corporate trainer, then it’s usually a good idea to get some specialized training in sales, leadership and other areas crucial to successfully running a business.

As a corporate trainer, you’ll work with employees on training them on everything from new software to business writing or new communication techniques. Using your masters to join the field of corporate training gives you the opportunity to pick an area of business that interests you and specialize. Corporate trainers need to be self-motivated and have a love for learning, which will help them become better instructors. 

3. Curriculum Developer

Curriculum developers work to establish new education criteria in school districts, within colleges, and for textbook publishers. As a curriculum developer, you may create a plan for a particular institution or establish guidelines for educational standards in your area.

Curriculum developers provide guidance and supervision from all topics related to the curriculum from textbook changes to technological materials. You also work with teachers to train them on new instruction techniques. As a curriculum developer, you also assess how teachers are working and different ways you can help them improve. 

4. Educational Coordination

Similar to curriculum development, your Masters in Education also gives you the opportunity to coordinate different educational goals for various types of companies. Museums, aquariums, and other institutions design their exhibits while keeping in mind the curriculum requirements for local schools. This helps these organizations provide a poignant, educational experience to young students that are entertaining and informative.

As an educational coordinator, you’ll help local institutions design new exhibits and projects with curricula objectives in mind. You’ll also work with the institution to develop educational materials and bring in relevant guest lecturers. Educational coordinators are also a point of contact for teachers to help them design tests and other educational materials surrounding the institute. 

5. College Professor

If teaching is your passion, your Master of Education allows you to teach students at the postsecondary level. College professors are in charge of preparing their own lessons, assignments, quizzes, and tests. As a professor, you’re completely in charge of designing the course and dictating which textbooks are necessary.

Some college professors also execute research in their field for the University that employs them. Most college professors publish their research findings in industry journals in addition to their teaching obligations.

All in all, a Masters of Education gives you every chance to lead an exciting and varied career. Just because you have a Masters in Education doesn’t mean you’re limited to working in schools for the rest of your life. Your Masters of Education prepares you to work in corporate, nonprofit and of course educational environments.

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