Going to Summer Camp: 5 Tips for Parents to Remember

Whether summer is in full swing, just around the corner, or even months away, it is never too early to begin planning your Summer ideas. Awesome thing about summer is that there are just so many options that you can choose from. However, for a parent, the idea of summer camp is a good one that may just make a lasting impact on everyone involved.

Then again, summer camp is a pretty big deal, especially for the child, so some parents may be wondering what would be worth keeping in mind before and during summer camp. Luckily, the guide below will lay out five important things that parents should remember about summer camp.

1. Disconnection is Good

It is extremely easy to get attached to your kid. After all, that is just a natural reaction, but it is important that the child grows while away from you. It isn’t really possible for that to happen if you’re connected at all times. Connectivity may feel safe and secure, but it’s better to sever that connection while they are away. You can rest easy knowing that they’re perfectly fine, just have a little faith in them, right?

2. Shape Up

Sending a kid with a communicable illness isn’t fun for them, and can definitely spoil the party for the other campers, so keep that in mind. Also, camp is pretty darn physical at times. Therefore, it would benefit the parent to work on their child’s physical health before sending them off. After all, you don’t want them to be miserable the entire time they are there. If they are more physically able to handle the experience, the fun can know no bounds.

3. Fitted Bed Sheets are Friend

Have you ever sat on a leather car seat during a hot Summer day? If so, the chances are that it felt like you left half of your skin there when you tried to get up, and that’s never fun. Well, most camps tend to use plastic vinyl mattresses these days. There’s nothing overtly wrong with that, but it does get pretty hot on most days. As you can imagine, that plastic isn’t too comfortable in the heat, so a fitted bed sheet can be a real life saver.

4. Group Activities are Awesome

Most kids will want to take some toys or activities with them to camp. That’s great, but it sort of defeats the purpose of the experience if they are primarily made for one person. Sending things like a deck of cards, a chess set, or even some trivia cards are a great way to help your kid make some new friends.

Plus, multiplayer activities may help everyone at camp feel involved, rather than allowing your child to escape to some isolation. While personal time is healthy, too much of that would be an unfortunate waste of time while they are there.

5. Avoid the Common Cliche

“If you don’t like it, then you can always call or write and we’ll come get you.” While that sentiment is true, and the kid will most likely be able to leave if they feel they are not ready for the experience, it is advised to not say that. When the child hears those words, that gives them a reason to not fully open up to the experience.

On the other hand, if they feel as if they are there for good, then they are far more open to making it the best time that they can. Just avoid saying those familiar words and rest assured knowing that the counselors will be open to helping your child if they do not feel comfortable in the camp at first. After all, that’s a normal reaction and will hopefully pass with time.

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