Bad First Impressions: 6 Mistakes You Should Never Make In a Job Interview

Going for a job interview can be pretty stressful for many people, especially when they really, really want that job. It’s always good to be prepared but it can still affect you, especially someone who has a nervous disposition.

However, there are also certain things you should not do in a job interview that may cost you that position. This is especially true if you’re vying for a high-power job in the finance industry. Financial recruiters are very good at what they do and have loads of experience. You don’t want to put them off in any way.

Here are some mistakes you should avoid in a job interview to give you a greater chance of success.

1. Don’t Be Impolite

Though you would think this goes without saying, there are those who are guilty of it. For example, they may be polite during the interview process, but was there a need to be rude or abrupt with the receptionist? This can work against you.

The best thing to do is to be polite to everyone you meet. In an office setting, word can travel fast. If that receptionist leaves her desk for a second, it may be to say something negative about you to her colleague, the interviewer. Be positive, humble but confident.

2. Being Late

If you’re late, you may as well turn around and not open the main door. This will tell them how poorly organized you are. At the same time, don’t arrive too early! A good ball park figure is to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment. If you are too early, hang around outside or sit down somewhere until there’s about 15 minutes to go, then walk in.

3. Not Preparing

Do some research on the company and the position and make sure you know enough about it. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself struggling and stuttering for the right answers regarding the company. You immediately come across as unqualified and perhaps even uninterested in the position. Make sure you have a few copies of your resume as well as references you can provide.

4. Being Deceitful

Whatever you do, don’t lie in your resume or in the interview. You will eventually be found out. When this happens, it’s game over. Don’t think for one minute that they don’t do background checks and things like that, especially if they are a larger, more established company.

5. Poor Appearance

In instances like this, your appearance plays a big role. In a perfect world, it should not matter how you look, but this is the real world. Make sure that you look well-groomed and professional and not like you just got out of bed and ran the 10 miles to the office.

6. Poor Communication

You need to be articulate and communicate properly and effectively as well as respectfully to prove that you are the candidate for the position. Never interrupt an interviewer or share personal stories and information and of course, no bad language. In a professional setting, even saying “Damn” is not a good thing. When answering questions, be clear and concise and try not to ramble on unnecessarily.

Try not to be guilty of these mistakes. It may not guarantee success, but at least by avoiding them, your chances are increased. You want to leave them with an impression of you, so make it a good one.

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