9 Sofa Bed Ideas for Small Spaces

When you have a small space to call your own, learning how to stretch every inch and make a count of every piece of furniture is a focus. Multifunctional furniture like a sofa bed provides numerous benefits. In this case, a sofa bed has the dual use of being a couch or sofa when it needs to be and then folding out to convert into a bed.

When using a sofa bed in a small space, you’ve got to consider where you might put blankets and other things you may want to take with you to bed. A rolling cart, a repurposed bedside table, or hidden storage placed elsewhere in the room can all be important to have your room be clutter-free and not feel so much like a bedroom.

Some sofa bed ideas for small spaces can further this multifunctional furniture idea. Here are nine sofa bed ideas for small spaces:

Idea #1: Try a chair sleeper

For condos, apartments, and extremely small spaces where you don’t want the size of a sofa, chair sleepers are more slender and can be a major space-saver.

A chair bed, or chair sleeper, operates exactly like a sofa bed, except it’s a chair. Though a smaller bed, a single-sized bed wrapped up in a chair sleeper can certainly be all some will need to sleep comfortably.

Idea #2: Compare a two-seat with a three-seat

There is no one-size-fits-all in sofa beds. You have two-seaters and three-seaters, and both have their advantages. A two-seater may be better than a three-seater if you are concerned about space.

However, a three-seater may be better for couples where you want to stretch out and have each other’s side of the mattress.

Idea #3: Uniquely designed sofa beds

Daybeds, some will argue, are even more comfortable than your average sofa bed, depending on the brand. A daybed can be an alternative in spaces where a full-size bed or sofa may not fit. It’s a great option if you know you’re going to be lounging around or for younger children who may enjoy the concept of a daybed for their bedroom.

An armless sofa bed can also be an excellent idea. The unique design allows you to rest comfortably, giving you more space to relax. This sofa bed idea can be an optimal choice for small spaces.

Idea #4: Install a sectional sofa bed

Yes, they do make sectional sofa beds. An excellent purchase, a sectional fits into a corner, maximizing unused space. As with any other type of sofa bed, the sectional separates and out folds the bed portion of this furniture.

It can be used overnight to sleep on, folding back up in the morning and made to resemble any other sectional.

Idea #5: Find a great quality mattress

A high-quality sofa bed mattress is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to be waking up with aches. If you already have a health condition that brings about pain, you won’t want to aggravate that with a poor-quality mattress.

Try to find one that is right for your body and personal preferences related to what material you like for a mattress, its thickness, and its overall compatibility with your sofa bed.

Idea #6: Use a slipcover

You may not be able to property sheet your bed in a way that looks comfortable. A slipcover is an alternative. This affordable covering allows you to decorate your sofa bed while protecting against stains and spills.

If you’ve ever eaten dinner on the sofa bed and spilled and had to go to bed with that stain, a slipcover is a guard that can protect against that. They’re also easy to clean.

Idea #7: Selecting the right pillows

Both need pillows, whether used as a sofa or bed. In a small space, we recommend using the same set for both. This can be done easily based on the comfort level of the pillow and what throw is used over them.

Curate your sofa bed to resemble the patterns and colours already present in the room. Try not to lean too much towards either way – sofa or bed – with the aesthetic.

Idea #8: Decorate with a blanket

Accentuate your sofa bed further with warmth and style in the form of a blanket or throw cast over the furniture. Like your pillows, this same blanket will be what you sleep with and so select wisely.

Understand what fabric you may want to feel up against your body as you sleep while also displaying the right colour and look you want. Blankets and throws can be switched out depending on the season.

Idea #9: Maintain the space appropriately

When undoing a sofa bed, you don’t want to push coffee tables out of the way. That can take a lot of heavy pushing and strain. Make it easy on yourself. Instead of having a coffee table directly in front of your couch, have side tables.

Mount your TV up on the wall to avoid being too close or at an inconvenient angle when in bed. Make the room natural and comfortable, regardless of whether the sofa bed is up or down.

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