9 Casual and Cozy Countertop Decor Ideas

Let’s face it: we spend a lot of time in our kitchens. Whether it’s cooking for your family, hosting a dinner party, baking brownies for the school bake sale, or sharing an early morning cup of coffee with your spouse, the kitchen is the heart and soul of any home. It makes sense to spend some time styling your kitchen to look pretty, on top of being functional.

One aspect of kitchens that we can style without spending a lot of money, but still making a big impact, is countertops. There are so many countertop decor ideas out there of how you can style them.

In the list below, you’ll find nine countertop decor ideas to help you make your kitchen a fun and cozy place to hang out and work in.

1. Farmhouse Sink

While this is more a functional item than anything else, farmhouse sinks add so much décor and style to any kitchen. Installing a farmhouse sink will give your kitchen that rustic, farmhouse vibe that we all love. In addition, it will serve as the focal point of your kitchen. There’s so much décor you can pair with the sink – think mason jars, vases of flowers, etc. – the possibilities really are endless.

2. Cake Stands

No matter which countertop decor ideas you end up choosing, you must keep the height into consideration. Height draws the eye in and creates visual drama. That’s where cake stands come in. You can have so much fun with this.

You can go the funky route and choose cake stands in different colours (but still include a theme like all pastel colours, for example), or stick to one of the colours you’ve chosen for your kitchen.

Stack two or three cake stands together to create the height you’re going for. Then you can turn them into a functional item by holding fruits, or some baked goods.

3. Cookbooks

Cookbooks and other books are great countertop decor ideas to make your kitchen look cozier. Use a combination of different colours to add a pop of colour to your quartz countertops. Not only do these serve as gorgeous décor pieces, but you’ll always have your favourite recipes handy!

4. Canisters

Canisters add décor to your countertops while also providing storage for flour, sugar, tea bags, coffee grinds, and really anything that you need to store. Choose a colour that fits the theme of your kitchen, or opt for classic white, for a simple, yet stylish look. Canisters usually come in groups of three. Some are labeled, some are see-through – there’s a multitude of options out there so you should be able to find something that suits your taste.

5. Trays

Rather than placing items haphazardly along your countertops, you can group them together by using trays. This creates a cleaner look and a nice area to show off your décor items. You can style the tray any way you like and use whichever items that interest you, like candles, potted plants, and vases.

6. Candles

There are so many different scents of candles available these days, whether purchased from a store or from an online shop offering up handmade goods. You can go for an apple cinnamon scent and everyone will think you just baked an apple pie, or a fresh lemon scent to give your kitchen a clean smell.

Not only are candles great for their scents, but they look stylish as well. Incorporate one on a tray on your countertop and it will add some flavour to your décor.

7. Cutting Boards

Use cutting boards of different shapes and sizes to add some dimension to your countertops by propping them up behind your tray. For these types of countertop decor ideas, you can also choose the kind of wood to use to match other items in your kitchen, like your chairs and table.

8. Potted Plants

Leafy green plants bring so much life to a kitchen (literally!). Succulents and cacti are also great choices, especially since they are such low maintenance. You can really play around with this and showcase your style by purchasing different pots for your plants. Colourful, geometric, pots add some shape and dimension to your countertops, while concrete pots with different designs can also bring out your style.

9. Fresh Flowers

Who doesn’t love fresh flowers? The fun part of incorporating flowers into your countertop décor is that you can change the flowers up depending on what’s in season. There will always be different types of flowers and different colours you can get to tie into your space. Flowers not only provide a pop of colour, but they smell nice too!

If you’re thinking about adding some style to your kitchen, creating décor for your countertops is a great place to start. The best part is that if you get tired of looking at the same group of items, you can easily change it up. Changing the décor up to suit the current season is also something you can consider when choosing décor for your countertops.

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