8 Summer Camping Clothes That Are Fashionable

Summer is an ideal season for outdoor fun. So, why not go camping? First thing you will need is to pack all your necessities, which include toiletries, a flashlight, and the right clothing. A list of the items you need to bring with you is a bit too long to exhaust in this article, but here are a few summer camping clothes you can’t afford to leave behind.

1. Nightwear

The nightwear you bring with you depends on the shelter and the location of the campsite. As you decide what type of nightwear to bring along, remember there might be bugs such as mosquitoes. So, applying a mosquito repellant whenever you are leaving the camp is critical. Besides, wear long-sleeved sweaters, joggers or sweat pants, especially at night when temperatures are low.

2. Legwear

One of the activities you are likely to engage in is hiking. Just like with the nightwear, your choice of clothes will depend on the location of the campsite. If the campsite or the resort is located in a dry area, simply wear a good pair of boots, a pair of shorts and a t-shirt.

However, if you are hiking in a wooded area, ideal wear would be long shorts or pants, and long sleeve t-shirts to protect your legs and arms from scratches and sunburn. A scratch by a thorny branch or poison oak could leave you with a severe wound. Bring enough water to avoid dehydration as you explore the outdoors.

3. Underwear and Socks

It is possible to pack all your necessary summer camping clothes, only to arrive at the campsite and realize the only undergarment you have is the one you are wearing. Truth is, this should be the first thing you pack while preparing for a summer camp. Since summer is known for high temperatures, your body should be able to breathe, and wearing the right undergarments is critical.

The ideal material for your undergarments is cotton, which allows the free flow of air and can absorb sweat, which helps your body efficiently cool off.

4. Tops

While it is essential to cover up while during summer camping, this does not mean you should wear heavy summer camping clothes. Go for light long sleeve shirts to avoid exposure to sunburn, scratches, and poison oak. Luckily, there are plenty of trendy tops made of breathable and comfortable materials. If you are unsure what you should go for, pick a traditional light cotton top.

5. Footwear

Footwear is perhaps the most critical item on your summer camp clothing list. The wrong shoe could result in serious injuries, whose treatment could go beyond the camp itself. Go for footwear with a firm grip on the ground to keep you from slipping and falling as you walk. The hiking terrain can be harsh and unforgiving.

Sometimes you could be walking up and down slippery paths. If you are wearing the wrong type of shoes, you might find yourself tumbling down and hurting yourself. To be safe, wear the right hiking boots or any other footwear with a firm grip to the ground. Besides, such a shoe protects your ankle as you climb and helps you maintain the right body posture.

One key thing to remember about summer camping clothes is that you should break your footwear long before you begin your camping trip. Otherwise, you may end up with severe blisters and intense pain that will make walking unbearable.

6. A Fast-Drying Swimsuit

Most likely, you will not end your summer camp without going for a dip in the pool or lake. It helps to prepare for such an eventuality by bringing along a fast-drying swimsuit. Also, come with some swimming goggles to protect your eyes while swimming.

7. Headgear

Just as it is crucial to wear the right headgear during winter, it is not any different during the summer season. A sunhat, cap or snapback protect not only your skin from direct sun rays but also your eyes. Pair your headgear with a pair of sunglasses to give your eyes critical protection against sun glare.

8. Bandana

Although most people would consider a bandana more of an accessory than a crucial piece of summer camping clothes, you should seriously consider bringing one along. During those sweltering days, a bandana can be very handy. To get the best from it, soak it in water and then tie or place it around your neck. This is one of the most effective ways to stay cool throughout the day. Besides, it really does look good on you, and keeps those pesky bugs off your neck!

The key to a great summer camp experience is enjoying yourself and having fun. Being able to engage in various summer activities depends on several factors, especially comfortable summer clothing. While preparing for a summer camp, bring along comfortable clothes depending on the type of shelter you will be using and the location of the camp. Also, bring appropriate headgear and footwear to ensure maximum comfort.

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