8 Items You Need to Improve Your College Living Experience

Embarking on a post-secondary journey is no small feat. Students will gain a sense of freedom, usually for the first time in their lives. Passions can be pursued, and new friends for life are to be made. In order to make the experience that much better, some may even consider living on campus.

Or if your budget allows, you might also want to consider living in a nearby student apartment. If you live in an apartment during your academic year, this gives you a greater sense of independence. Just prepare all the essentials to make this time in your life as easy as possible.

In order to improve your college living experience, make sure your student apartment is equipped with these eight following items:

1. Bed

To have a good college living experience, it’s important to have a comfortable bed. Without a doubt, the bed is the most critical item to get for your new student apartment. It may be tempting to lay down on a couch after a long day, but a bed will be much better. If you are having some trouble on how to get one, ensure you get a couple of key components first.

The bed frame is just as important as the mattress. Both components work together to provide you with the best night of sleep possible. As for bed sheets, make sure you get a couple, in addition to blankets. The more complete your bed is, the more your body will thank you in the long run!

2. Mirror

Your life in college will also be a time to experiment with your personal sense of style. As a young adult, you’ll usually have a few outfits to try on before heading to class. In order to determine what fits, a good mirror will be necessary for your apartment.

This doesn’t mean that you should just stick with the mirror in your bathroom either. A hang mirror, which hangs on your door, can transform your room for the better. Or, purchase a stand mirror and place it in your living room for easy access to how you appear.

3. Bathroom Supplies

While on the topic of the bathroom, there are a few essential items that need to be bought. For example, your usual toiletries will come in handy, especially for those longer days at school. Toothpaste, mouthwash, floss, and towels can be purchased at your nearest retail store.

If you need it, you should also get your hands on skin care items. This could range from your favourite hand creams, to your usual body washes. It is important to stay as hygienic as possible, no matter if you are in college or university. Don’t forget to pack some lip balm for those drier, wintery months!

4. Desk & Chair

As a student, you’ll find yourself studying almost everywhere. From campus grounds to your college’s library, getting some alone time to focus is important. When you inevitably have to take your work home, you’ll require a space away from your bedroom. This is where a good desk and chair will come in, helping to improve your college living experience.

Make sure the desk you purchase is wide enough to house all necessary items, such as your books. Your chair should also be sturdy, but not uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time. If you have the budget, a standing desk is worth the investment. That way, you won’t have to risk hurting your back!

5. Kitchen Supplies

Cooking food is an essential skill to learn, especially if you are living in a college apartment. As a result, you’ll need to get your hands on some fundamental supplies. Dishes, glasses, cutlery, and containers for your food will be key in this light. In addition, if you love your morning coffee, a coffee maker will be beneficial.

When it comes to cleaning up after your food preparation, ensure you get dish soap, some sponges, towels, and paper towels. Don’t forget to get napkins, for when your food inevitably spills on your table!

6. Lighting

Those late night study sessions will require a good source of lighting! In terms of what works best, a lamp will usually do the trick. Make sure the one you purchase has an energy-efficient bulb, so that you can save on your electrical bill.

7. Storage Bins

If you have an excess of clothes or other, miscellaneous items, you’ll need some storage bins. These are nifty items that can keep all of your accessories, important or not, in one convenient location.

8. Personal Items

Don’t forget your family! A few reminders of your loved ones from back home can add some personalization to your apartment. Place a few photos of your family in and around your living room or bedroom, for good measure. These personal mementos will help to improve your college living experience, even whilst you are away from home.


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