7 Cool Office Supplies to Add Personality to Your Workplace

While the 9-5 can get pretty mundane after a while, there are numerous ways of keeping yourself entertained and motivated while in the office. Perhaps you enjoy going for coffee breaks with your work friends? Or maybe you make time to go sit outside and read your favourite paperback? Or perhaps, you escape for a lunchtime workout at a nearby gym?

Believe it or not, integrating cool office supplies into your workspace has the means of alleviating stress, creating a more harmonious workspace, and making you more productive. The best office equipment can vastly improve the look of a dreary and sad office space, and these little upgrades can revitalize your entire mood. Here are the seven cool office supplies that can add some fun and personality to your day-to-day work routine:

1. Plant pots with storage capabilities

How much cooler can you get than plants? Especially, small and adorable plants that will not overwhelm your desk, but will give you the benefits of having some greenery in your workspace. Try looking for small plant pots which also have sections devoted to storage. There are multiple options out there which allow you to store your pens and sticky notes. Talk about space savings!

2. Silly tape holders

Looking to add a little smile to your day? Invest in a silly tape holder! Tape holders are cool office supplies to invest in, as they are many options available which suit your sense of humour and style. Are you into fashion? Perhaps consider a stiletto tape holder. Love animals? An otter tape holder will do the trick. Do you have an overactive imagination? Well a unicorn tape holder will complete your desk. The options are endless!

3. Fun pens

Pens are a necessary addition to an office. The best part about them is that there is an abundance of selection out there. Want a pen with inspirational sayings? Done. A pen with funny quotes? No problem. How about a pen that resembles a pizza, a flamingo, or a cactus? Also possible. There is an endless possibility of cool pens out there, and you can very easily incorporate them into your workspace for an instant mood lift.

4. Motivational posters

Although motivational posters are not office supplies per se, they still play a large role in the overall cool factor of the workspace. The poster that you select for your office space can be quirky, funny, inspirational or just adorable. Cats on a clothesline anyone? Posters can convey the right messaging to boost the morale of your staff and create a more welcoming space.

5. Quirky sticky notes

The power of sticky notes is largely underrated by their users. It’s not often that we give our sticky notes any thought. However, there are incredibly cool options for sticky notes that are available nowadays, which can be both entertaining and very useful.

Looking for something to increase your productivity? Look no further than “to do list” sticky notes that help make to do lists a breeze. Worried about missing calls? Consider purchasing a “Missed call list” which can help track key details. Are you looking for something that is more fun than function? Have no fear. There are sticky notes to suit your every mood. You can find sticky notes in nearly every color possible, every pattern, every shape, and every size. Sticky notes for the win!

6. Protective skins

Protective skins are adhesive covers which can be used to protect a multitude of surfaces and items, ranging from your phone, to your tablet, your notebook, or even your entire desk! Due to their versatile size, print and shape, skins can be tailored to fit any of your needs or your workspace. It is precisely their versatility that makes them so cool.

For instance, have you always coveted a marble top office desk but couldn’t afford it? Look no further than a custom-made protective skin with a marble pattern. With these cool office supplies, you will soon be the talk of the office.

7. Staplers

Black and bulky staplers are a thing of the past. In this day and age, staplers come in all shapes and sizes, and they can suit your every whim. You can grab a mini stapler that resembles or a panda, or splurge on a Swarovski crystal covered “statement piece” stapler. Who knew that you could channel your personality into your stapler selection?

Cool office supplies are not just a “nice to have,” they are a “must have.” Quirky, unique and fun office supplies help us get through the daily grind. However, it is more than that. Cool office supplies can make us feel like work can be somewhat more akin to home. Hey, we spend most of our time at work anyways, so we might as well make it fun.

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